Status-Update - Grassland

    • Status-Update - Grassland

      This time we would like to show you some machines of the Grassland Update, namely a Claas Disco 2750 mower and a Claas Liner 500 windrower. 3D models and paintwork of these two vehicles are finished - the next steps will be adding all the stickers, mounting real wheels and creating the remaining animations.

      Have a nice weekend!
    • I'm so happy that we're going to have a trailed mower! Having not yet bought the Jaguar for my farm, this makes much more sense then the Class Direct Disc, and now I know I'll be able to use the Grassland update once it arrives profitably. Keep up the great work C&C.
      Nothin' Runs Like A Deere When It's Gettin' Chased By A Magnum

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