Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Alcántara Edition

    • Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Alcántara Edition

      Someone plays with this steering wheel the Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Alcantara Edition, I am between this or the Logitech G29 - Steering wheel for racing simulation (compatible with PS4, PS3 and PC) with pedals included + Driving Force Shifter - Gear lever for steering wheel if your You have one of these that you think is best for the game and which is better to configure
      and with regard to the gaming chair I like this the Sharkoon Skiller SGS4 that you think someone has it?

      Alguien juega con este volante el Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Alcántara Edition ,estoy entre este o el Logitech G29 - Volante para simulación de carreras (compatible con PS4, PS3 y PC) con pedales incluidos + Driving Force Shifter - Palanca de cambios para volante , si tu tienes uno de estos que opinas cual va mejor al juego y cual es mejor para configurar
      y con respecto a las silla gaming me gusta esta la Sharkoon Skiller SGS4 que opinais alguien la tiene?

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    • I use the G29... I've had it for a nearly 3 years now.... no issues, works phenomenally. I did a lot of research before buying it and most reviewers will say the g29 is better than the t300.
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    • Thank you rubberburner89 for answering, I also report a lot and draw the same conclusion as you, but I also see that the opinions are very close, what most people think is that the G29 pedals are better than the ones the Thrustmaster T300 and choose to buy the Thrustmaster T3PA PEDALS Add-on and the throttle lever Thrustmaster TH8A SHIFTER Add-on

      Gracias rubberburner89 por contestar ,yo tambien me informe bastante y saque la misma conclusión que tu ,pero tambien e visto que las opiniones están muy igualadas,lo que sí que opina la mayoría es que los pedales del G29 son mejores que los que trae el Thrustmaster T300 y optan por comprar los Thrustmaster T3PA PEDALS Add-on y la palanca de cambio Thrustmaster TH8A SHIFTER Add-on
    • I had ordered once the sharkoon skiller sg4. I mounted it and it was a good chair for tall and people with a broader body structure.
      The only reason why I had send it back was the smell of the plastic leather. I found out that it's made of PVC which is not that healthy.
      But that's everybody's one decision.
      For me I don't want to breathe in the softening agents.