Bulls cant be loading into trailer at farm

  • Bulls cant be loading into trailer at farm

    Whenever i try to load the bulls into the trailer at the farm, it kneels and doors open but the it closes again with no bulls comming onboard.

    I have used the skipCondition command several times now, on this bug and others, and im thinking of putting the game on the shelfes until its stable enough to actually get some playtime out of.
    Im 100% fine with a beta having bugs and errors, thats part of the development and the nature of beta products, but i think its better to leave out stuff that is bugged and then add them when they are stable enough to enjoy.

    I stopped playing CNC for a few month due to me being fed up with terrible performance and bugs around every corner, i guess its time to leave it alone for a few more months.
  • Hi @bmbpdk,

    when you enter the barn there are two trigger points. If you enter slowly you hit the first trigger point which is the one for Barn - Transfer (most cases for UNLOADING). You have to drive some meters forward and you leave the first trigger and then enter the second trigger which is Barn Transfer.Out. Here it should open the doors of the trailer without any issues.

    Another possibility would be to enter the bard coming from field #14 so you first hit the correct trigger.