AI Driving circles - sometimes not reaching a specific waypoint.

  • AI Driving circles - sometimes not reaching a specific waypoint.

    When ordering field work to a employee i noticed several times that the worker protests against my inhumane regime by trowing their steer fully to the left only driving counter clock wise circles. Trying to loosen them showed that they were not stuck, but that they gave a strong order to the steering wheel.
    I once had a plower who didn' t even touched the field doing smallest turn circles. Another time the guy appoached in a staight line (parralel to the edge, but halfway in the field) and then in the corner lost his mind and smoothly ran larger circles in the corner of the field, where the center of the circle was moving slightly along the edge of the field. For a second i thought that he switched to a circulair pattern(he was not steering full power all the time, the circles were not round) and concidered to just let him do it his way (You know, we are just wobbly driving humans, he has the mighty AI brain) but after five minutes i really had to interrupt his trip and send him to bed. He was not making a circle pattern, and he was not making grain circles: he was just making a mess burning my precious fuel.

    It feels like the AI sometimes cant find the pattern start and end in a loop where they steer full power going nowhere in the corner of the field. I am so glad that my worker is seeding field 3 automagiclly as he should, those bulls seem to need a decent en efficient setup for unlimited maize supply. Unfortunatly i should do some more work on making the specific behavior reproducible. Any updates planned on the AI?