CNC at a 30% discount!

    • To make such unfounded claims, you should also give reasons!
      That in an EA game not all functions of the main version are contained yet, should be clear to everyone slowly.

      To describe the game as not playable is simply wrong, many players here have great fun with it!
      If the current content is not enough for you, let the game rest and come back later.
      Vote for Vulkan Support in CNC!
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    • DannyA4 here are the reasons :
      - Game is not optimize Low fps 20 -30 FPS (this is a PC game in 2018 PC games runs at 60 FPS +, console game runs at 30/60 FPS) No PC gamer will accept to play a game on PC with 30 FPS
      - Missions are bug started to mission 8 (harvest)
      - AI not working at all (Spean arrowed you, he cannot empty, etc... ) You cannot finish a field job with AI (you must reset the task u must stop him and then start him it needs attention all the time, it is not AI.)
      - Crops and fields are incomplete you have no idea when you need to plant crops when they are ready etc.... )
      - Manure and fertilize have no effect on fields
      - Game is not in English (mission and settings option are in German)
      - Some of the gameplay settings DO not work you check the box and nothing happens
      - The physics are a joke :) Mario kart has breather physics
      - It has no Support for steering wells ( remember this a Simulator game where you drive machines ) when I say no support I mean no support at all and I have a Logitech G29 steering well
      - UI is incomplete
      - Visual Bugs
      - No gear box
      List is long read the bug section FYI
    • Ouch theres a bunch of stuff that's just not true, let's pick a few:
      - "You cannot finish a field job with AI" A lot of people can. There might be some querks, sure, but "AI not working at all" is a lie.
      - "[...] you have no idea when you need to plant crops when they are ready etc." Use the field menu. It shows everything you need to know.
      - "The physics are a joke Mario kart has breather physics" Physics aren't perfect yet. They are being worked on constantly but a "joke" is something different.
      - "It has no Support for steering wells [...] I mean no support at all and I have a Logitech G29 steering well" I have a G29 myself and am playing without any issues. Seems like you didn't set it up or something.
      - "No gear box" Not true either, try pressing "G".

      You seem to forget that this is not a finished product. It also seems like you are makeing a lot of claims about things that you just don't know how to use yet.
    • again you guys read my post and understand only the bad things :))) (my bad English) . What I met to say is :
      At this point this game is to be play as a main farm sim . If you are looking to play a farm sim as you main game this game is not ready, so do not buy. But if you like what this game promise now is a good time to support.
      as for bugs I mention start new profile from 0 and do mission and use ai.
    • Im just going to jump in and say that i have had no issues with the game so far, I have a thrustmaster TX and the farm sim side panel and work as they should. missions update and play correctly. Haven't really had any game breaking issues with the ai. My pc runs this at an average of 50fps with a mix of high-ultra settings.
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    • I agree that the fields (follow groth progress for example, show why i couldnt finish the mission ("seed maize every where"), The need and effect of plowing, the reason of a calender, etc. The (field)UI is rather spartan imho)

      and the buggy AI (well, just look around on the forum, for me they only work half of the times, last time i stopped because the reordering and clicking trough the tractor setup every time the AI bugged up broke me up, it became to much of a pita)

      are features that are really not finished. Even help/wiki is planned ahead, so expect new players to not understand the game completely.

      For me playing around is more like checking the development, as a demo. But for a real game it really lacks features in the current state. So how to determin "playable" in this case. It feels to much as a playable demo to me, to even drop it on sale. Sales attracts different type of public. Buyers should in this state expect a lot of ' not implemented yet" and "in development" or "planned by strict planning". There is nothing to see from that on the features page, only the timeline is clear with that.

      If you want to buy a full farming game on sale CaC will dissappoint in this state, it is just not there yet to be playable (running cyclusses, expand, diversivy ect.). A playable game means that you quit because you really have to (15 minutes ago), not because the quircks piss you off too much.

      As for a demo where implemented functions are shown for feedback i think CaC is really playable well, although limits of functionallity is hard to miss while playing.
      The UI is a big factor in the time you can spend in the program, improvents here are not manditory, but definitly welcome, there are some really rough edges in there.

      Playable is a pretty subjective term, everybody has his own standards to measure by, and has his right to. It is all about the expectations that are made (from both sides).
    • I apologize that my simple post about multi-player server access produced such a ruckus; it definitely wasn’t my intention.

      Just to make things clear, I am well aware of the present state of the game and that it is still in the testing phase and that not everything works perfectly and there are still bugs to be ironed out. I also understand that there is a year left in development and a lot of features yet to come which will have issues and bugs of their own.
      However, I have also seen how much the game has progresses since June of last year, and am confident (my opinion, of course) that this game will become one of the top farm sim games in the future.

      As it stands, I enjoy playing CNC – maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones that doesn’t experience so many issues.
      So, back to my original question, will a second copy of CNC be required to set up our own private server; considering that multi-player will (should) be available in Q1 of next year.
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