What is wrong ?

    • What is wrong ?

      Guys i come back to this game saying to my self i was hard on this game and give him another chance, i start new game on last version all the quest are bug the game has more bugs then before why is this happening. Every 30 min or so you need restart game or quest. The tractors when you drive them they feel like a toy they move left and right you slide on asphalt and dirt like you are on ICE special the "old merc"
      Do i need to reinstall the game or ... Im going mad here :)) all day i try to play and stumble on bug at every corner

      Game has more bugs like v 0.2.0
    • Sounds like you may need a re-install... I haven't come across a single bug of any severity as of this newest version. Was actually thinking it was the cleanest version they've ever released.
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    • @gheazu In this case, I would also advise you to reinstall the game. Because these bugs you describe are definitely not available anymore!
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    • i do have print screens mate to prove the bugs are here and they are not fix. Any way i reinstall the game and is the same :) same problems same freeze when auto save is on, same low fps when u use combine 10 FPS and if u exit game and start again u get 20 FPS :) AI do not work when u use combine. I ask to much from a "Highly detailed machinery, realistic harvesting methods, original sounds and an authentic vehicle physics system offer you a compelling experience in Cattle and Crops."

      Any way thx for you time take care
    • Well what do you expect? Autosave has to save at some point. That's the freeze you are describing. It's saving.
      Also judging by the screenshots in the other thread regarding AI issues your graphic settings are the issue here. You have a high FOV and a high render distance. The game isn't optimized yet, optimizations are done at the end of development and just a little bit in between. Lower these settings and you'll have a lot more FPS to play with.
    • I like you :) you are like Romania government :)) Is my bad i use the SETTINGS in the game and ofc is normal that a I7 with ssd and 790 GTX with 16GB ram in 2018 to FREEZE when game is save :)) and over all is my fault that i want to have a nice resolution a nice graphics in a game again in 2018 :))) . i will sell my PC and buy 4.8.6 and add a windows 95 and play at 800x600 all low as possible .

      And FYI
      if put all settings to low you get same amount of FPS and CPU AND GPU never over 30%
      That is why we pay 3000 Euro mate on PC to use the F.... settings and to have more then 30 FPS. If we want 30 FPS we will buy xbox or ps4, but again your replay save all gamers over the world :))
    • No. It's your fault to expect an Early Access game in 0.2.X to be optimized while they clearly stated when optimizations are going to happen. Optimization is on the roadmap so please take a look at the timeline and wait for the updates you need to play. Complaining about planned content/fixes/optimization that isn't in the game yet but scheduled on the timeline just doesn't make any sense.