MUD physx

    • So i wanted to bring this point up and see maybe are devs planing this already and if not what is everybody`s opionion on this

      MUD in the game right now is amazing. Yes you sink in trough the field and wheels spin etc etc.
      But mud at the moment is acting like whole field is wet all the time, but after watching a lot of farming videos IRL Fields are not always wet when harvest is being done. Could it be maybe set that field deformation is reacting on the wetnes of the field..?

      For example It hasnt rained for couple of days (week) and ofc field will not be wet and it will be hard surface.. than tractors could drive leave a lot of dust and leave small depth tracks on field...

      and depends on how wet the field is for example 50% depth and 100% depth on wet

      it rained day or two field is wet and puddles formed than we get the tractors sinking in and hard to drive around leaves tracks trails like now for example deep like 10-15 cm even more.(like fields now in game)

      Hopefully i explained it well :) would like to hear other people thoughts on this
    • Hi,

      you dont need different kind of mud.
      All can be regulated via "how deep" you sink in and how much resistance that creates.

      I also started a topic in the german part asking, if for example in "Arcade" the resistance should not differ to the deepth you sink in. This way casual players can do whatever they want, whenever they want.
      For players that want more realism we have "normal" and "hardcore". These can be SUPER realistic.

      Same would apply to seasons of the year.
      Arcade = No seasons. You can do whatever you want whenever you want
      Hardcore = Full season. You need to seed in certain times for certain fruits and need to harvest at certain times.


      I think with the base-code of C&C that should easily be possible.


    • Valid points for arcade - hardcore gameplay. i like it.
      But it brings up point where people want the mud physx but dont want all the other hardcore stuff

      But yea what i mentioned it is not different kind of mud.. it is same field but if it is dry your wheels will not sink in deep as they do right now, right now doesnt matter wet or dry field, wheel sink in like it is wet either way.

      What if it is dry maybe chances colour, to be light brown-ish to indicate it is dry and field depth is like 5-10 cm but if it is wet after day or two of rain now wheels sink in 15-20cm(if not even deeper)
    • This should come with the very last versions before v0. 1. Game setting are far from final stat at this point.
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