IDEA: Different dirt textures for wet and dry - like in other games like "Spintires"

  • IDEA: Different dirt textures for wet and dry - like in other games like "Spintires"

    I know this all is in development that is why i want to chip in and give some feedback and start discusion to hear others people opinions.

    Since this patch we got dirt on the vehicles now i like it. BUT

    At the moment right now you just drive around and vehicle gets dirt texture, current dirt texture it is nice but nice for dry field work not mud we got now on fields. What is possibility of seeing different texture for dust dirt and maybe mud sticking on random parts of tractor. Something like old Deutz Fahr mud texture witch was darker and actually looked "wet" and had small bumpmap so it looked like mud stuck on tractor. And please DIRT on windows i know tractor have the fenders but when you drive on muddy wet field i belive a lot of the dirt would make it on the windscreen etc.

    Also what is the possibility of getting some sort of particles effects of mud stuck around the wheel
    Spintires did it great. So for example

    Mud on wheels would stick on the wheels and than wheel would have smaller tire grooves witch would result in less traction and wheel would spin more easilly.
    if you drive on the solid road those particles would fly off and tire would remain dirty but grove would be back and tractor would have better traction again.

    Just my thoughts while AI is driving tractor back to farm :D
  • @D.Jankowic My guess is that Spintires using other pshysics engine more complex ,,I'm nood in this I only observe ,,that if MBB can anytime soon reach that piont of complex behawior of dirt,mud will take many very long time...
    As a news (for me it was suprise) ,,,promises tires skin laying beside BGA

    ,,and we waitnig more than year on longer to implement this...and so far we have look at this non deformable tires without any logos.
    Sorry for my critisizm and for my english but I need to say that,hope will be responce or implementation of this soon.