Ambient occlusion(SSAO) producing messy shadows

  • Ambient occlusion(SSAO) producing messy shadows

    This one has been around for a while but i just got to report it now.
    So SSAO is producing those dark shadows in certain area of the objects but they are mesh looking not smooth shadow.

    For example couple of screenshots:
    So on first screenshot you can see by CLAAS name close to the window you can see shadow but it is mesh or small squares
    Rear wheel also you can see dark shadow being created by SSAO but it is also small squares or mesh.

    Also visible on 2nd screenshot trough the window on driver bright jacket

    ADDITIONALLY: Shadows of driver are shown in the interior(when you turn on interior lights) you can see shadows of the driver over the cabin and driver is invisible inside.
  • It's still there @Nachtfalke ... It's probably best if you don't see it cuz' once you do you can't unsee it, and it'll kinda drive you bonkers. I looked around but couldn't find it where someone posted some photos that make it very clear what's going on.
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