Fattening Cattle

    • Fattening Cattle

      Does cattle in the pasture fatten as quickly as in a barn being fed manually, slower, or do they even fatten at all?
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    • As far as i know by experience and testing it myself, cattle which is fed at the pasture, does fatten but not as fast as inside the barn.
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    • by the tests I did in 130 days with 14 bulls 7 in the barn and 7 in the pasture resulted in a difference of 2945 pounds (1335 kg) the bulls that were in the barn against 960 pounds (435 kg) with the bulls that were in the pasture therefore the bulls of the stable gained an average of 1985 pounds (900 kg) more than the bulls of the field

      por las pruebas que hice yo en 130 días con 14 toros 7 en el establo y 7 en el campo dieron como resultado una diferencia de 2945 libras (1335 kg) los toros que estaban en el establo contra 960 libras (435 kg) con los toros que estaban en el campo por lo tanto los toros del establo ganaron una media de 1985 libras (900 kg) más que los toros del campo