Mod ownership etc.

    • Mod ownership etc.

      Gosh, haven't been on for while n I see all this stuff written?? It's just goin round in circles.!!!??? NO I have never done a mod as I have already said some where back there so this is WHY I rely on you modders for that EXTRA spice in the game.If it's good I keep n will thank, if it's mmm I delete. THANK YOU WITH ALL SINCERITY modders :thumbsup: . Let's just get over ourselves n agree to disagree and get on with PLAYING of a GREAT GAME FOR THE FUN AND ENJOYMENT. If you want anything more as someone else said "don't do it". I CAN"T WAIT FOR THIS GAME but please stop all this BULLSHoeInTurd and let those who are here for as I said before above, to enjoy it. <3