IDEA: Change naming of fertilizer to standard norm (post 5)

  • The KN4000 naming is due to the fact that at the end you will have to choose the fertilizer or treatment you want to use...
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  • K = Potassium
    N = Nitrogen
    (P = Phosphorus)

    KN = Potassium + Nitrogen (in order of quantity highest to lowest)

    normally the latter numbers indicate the dissolved or relative quantity per 1000L (1m3) else the %, so the "4000" is somewhat erroneous as you would be forced to read it as 40-0-0 on the NPK system, or 40-00 or 400-0 on the binary system (NP, NK PK, KN, etc), but 40-00 or 400-0 would indicate there is no nitrogen and you would just call it K400 as it only contained Potassium. :rolleyes:

    it would be much easer if they intend multiple types of fertilizer to use the single ingredient system (e.g. N200, P200, K200) for single ingredient fertilizer ONLY, and the NPK system (##-##-##) or NPKS (##-##-##-##) system for ALL binary and tri or quad ingredient fertilizer.