How can I know if he is ready to harvest?

    • How can I know if he is ready to harvest?

      In the field information panel, I can not find information when it is harvested.

      The only way to know, is to see the real growth.
      Because when I plow a field, and then when cultivating, the plow percentage is set to 0%?

      It should be 100% plowed, even if you cultivate the field.
      The information provided by the field panel is very confusing.
    • TheCoCe wrote:

      There is a Growth Slider in the field menu that tells you the current growth state of the plant.

      Regarding your confusion with the field panel, I posted an answer to that in a different thread where you posted the same. I don't know where exactly that was right now though.
      Thanks, I did not pay attention to that detail, problems with the English language.
      Because when you plow or cultivate the field, one of them is set to 0%?
      So how can I know if a field is plowed if the cultivar drops to 0%?

      In other games, you stay 100% instead of going down to 0%, until you finish harvesting or finish your period.
    • It's showing the current status. As you start cultivating, the parts of the field are no longer plowed but cultivated. The stats you are looking for are translated into loosening, wetness and so on. Plowing a field won't result in the field being "plowed" but result in loosening of the field while the status changes to plowed (It will also result in wetness reducing over time and a bunch more). As you cultivate, the field's current status changes to cultivated, while at the same time changing other values again that actually describe what the current work does to the field.
      It's possible that there are values missing right now that will be implemented as soon as plant growth is influenced by all of these values.