• So i understand Multiplayer is announced and still in works i would like to start a discusion and see what other people think

      I was thinking about multiplayer and how would they make it and what people expect...

      I think that multiplayer should be only 3-4 players and not more...something along the lines of the Construction simulator 15 and how they did it...

      You are "Boss/Host" and whoever joins he is working for you... So whatever has to be done on the map any items purchased host gets notification to approve the purchase,and than workers can use those things or see purchased stuff. Than you have menu where you can send money to people and they get that money but still can not do anything with it...untill you promote them and only than when you promote them they are basically Boss and they can purchase on their own and do quests on their own etc.

      So i think this could translate to the CnC multiplayer very well also. I dont think we need massive 10+ players servers (been watching some FS17 streams so much lag and dysnc)
      so for example people join they work for you..and when you are happy you can give them promotion and than they can buy their own fields and equipments and work on their own field.

      Now that also brings up point what when you host and shut down server you start over again or that is question.

      Any other features or multiplayer types you would like to see or should be in CnC?

      Maybe we can get some more news about MP?
    • I'd like to see persistent multiplayer where your profile holds everything you accomplish and you can use over multiple servers. Working as a contractor e.g.
      Like a global board of player filed tasks anyone can take on, join the server with his equipment and start working.
      Maybe even competition over multiple servers with request and demand. Like when everyone is doing rye you start doin other crops.
      Everything optional of course for people who just want to play with their friends.

      Generally I dislike the whole starting over part of farming simulator.
    • regarding FS15/17 MP "lag and dysnc", it is very much dependent on the server and it's/your connection, it is also dependent on how many mods your loading and how you undertake tasks, the latter is very important when it comes to how you approach forestry if you do it.

      a good FS15/17 server with a stable connection will work very well, the problem is most home hosts overestimate their PC's, and not all dedicated server providers give enough resources, and some data centres are oversubscribed relative to their hardware availability and how close they are to their fundamental limit of their connection to the PSTN beyond.

      e.g. I am in the UK, I avoid dedicated servers based in Texas (Dallas/Austin) like the plague, on the other hand "Gameservers" in California (San Jose) which is much further away often works much better than some dedicated server providers based in Europe, because despite the former being ~110ms ping there is less than +-5ms deviation and the connection is extremely consistent, whereas the latter may be just ~35ms but it has greater deviation during peak times.

      another example is Frankfurt, at one time it was really good, I use to always rent servers there, due to it being relatively central to mainland Europe, but for the past year or so the Frankfurt area has been less reliable due to all the data centres there.

      in essence its easy to deride FS15/17 MP for "lag and dysnc", but a well setup server, in the right place, that doesn't use silly amount of mods, runs a map that the server can handle that is free from errors, that is played in the right manor by regulars, who do forestry in a methodical, efficient way you would be hard pressed to tell it apart from single player for smoothness even if the ping is ~110ms.

      and I don't suppose C&C will be any different, it will still come down to hardware, location, connection consistency and how the people playing approach tasks, number/type of mods, etc etc.
    • Yeah. Just thinking about synchronization. This will probably be a hard task with all the data Cattle and Crop is calculating. Most of these values are not enabled yet but there is a lot to come. You can see a lot of them in the fields menu already and they can already be configured using custom mission. They don't have real impact on the growth yet though. And all of that needs to be synced. Definitely not an easy task to tackle.
      I don't expect the game to handle huge amounts of players. Games like these just aren't made for that.
      It's a lot simpler to do something like that in other games (let's say a shooter) where the map stays mostly the same and looks the same on every client. In games like these every piece of grass needs to be synced. That's a lot of data. I hope they can find an efficient way of doing this. Maybe streaming the data as you get closer to different areas instead of syncing everything at once. We'll see what they can come up with.