New Hammer seeder

  • there is a problem with the x-form (or something similar) of the Deutz-Fahr tractor relating to BOTH the seeding unit heads (the corn one & the barley/wheat/rye one) if you try to connect them directly to the rear 3-point linkage of the Deutz-Fahr tractor thus omitting the corn-king.

    i.e. rent the large Claas tractor and the Deutz tractor, also rent the maze seeding head and the barley/wheat/rye seeding head.

    next individually try attaching to the big Claas tractors rear 3pt linkage the seeding heads, you will observe they attach in the correct orientation as you would expect.

    next try the same with the Deutz tractor, you will note at the moment it attaches the orientation is 180deg and the seeder head is intersecting with the tractor cab etc and causes the tractor and seeding head to be shot-up in the air across the map.

    Deutz tractor vs. seeding heads:

  • Unfortunatelly there are missing the side markers.
    I started new savegame, with intent to buy several bigger fields and to seed it by barley. But I found out that starting texture of the field is the same like after the seeding :( .
    It's quite difficult to recognise where you drove and what strips have been seeded, without a side marker.

    It would be good to divide the ground textures at least by ligter colour (after seeding), or also with a little different row spacing, when the ground shape after cultivation and corn seeding is the same at the moment.

    Perhaps, the only way how to seed without emotions is to use worker :)

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  • That's right... I would like some more ground textures...
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