[Tutorial] Creating a shopimage

    • [Tutorial] Creating a shopimage

      Cattle and Crops makes creating a shopimage very easy.
      • First, add a Shop Image Marker Node to the Scene Graph:

      • Then open the Node Info by double clicking the node and go to the ShopImage tab:

      • Enter a path where the shopimage is supposed to be saved (e.g. textures/shop_image where textures is a folder and shop_image the name of the file):

      • (Optional) Make sure the vehicle is facing the X+ direction (if it doesn't just turn the whole thing by 180° and turn it back after the image was generated):

      • After that, click Wrold -> Save and Play World.
      • As soon as the world is loaded (If you can only see a gray screen don't panic, the model is probably just out of view) open the console and select the Generate Textures... from the menu on the bottom left. Then select Shop Images.

      • The image was now created and saved to the folder you entered before. Lastly you need to adjust the path specified in your mod's xml to point to the right file

        XML Source Code

        1. <shop price="2500" icon="machines/claas/flex_weight/textures/store_icon" />

      • Ingame sollte nun ein passendes Shop Image angezeigt werden:

      If your model is shown from the back, just rotate it 180° and generate the image again.