My C&C thoughts

    • My C&C thoughts

      So I've recently really started to get into cattle and crops... I mean really get into it. I dabbled with it in the tech demo, and again once Aabagnail was released, but continually got tired of it. However this go around has been a bit of a different story. One of the first things I did this time was set up all of my controllers to as closely match my FS17 layout as possible, so the migration wouldn't be so difficult. It was a little time consuming, probably 2 or 3 hours before I really had every thing dialed in, but man have I been rewarded.

      The number one thing that peaked my interest to this game back when I supported it on KS, was ground deformation. It was pretty sloppy at first, and still has a ways to go yet, but they seemed to have tweaked it just enough to be really enjoyable. It's just flat out fun, pulling a silage trailer up a hill on a wet field struggling for traction. This brings up another point, and that's that clearly the tractor transmissions still need some work, (and yes I know MBB still plans on improving both of these) but as an avid gearbox mod user, it's nice seeing it supported directly into the game.

      I see a lot of people on this forum have more or less "given up" on the game. I for one am not one of those people. As stated earlier, I played early on, and continue to play, and have seen the massive improvements they've made. The AI, still seems drunk 1 out of 4 fields you work, but aside from that it's far superior to that of the competitions. There's enough content now that you can theoretically play it over and over (although it would become repetitive at this point), Game performance is much improved (i.e. requiring less compute power), and this is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

      I have struggled to find any English content relating to how to mod for this game as of yet. But with FS17, I loved map making, and was just starting to get into the implement/vehicle side of things. I will be trying to give it a go here and hope a can get my head wrapped around it, because personally I find modding very rewarding and we need more people like @berindre and @XYZSPAIN to help get the ball rolling. In the short term, mods may be what keep this game alive until the final product is released.

      One final note for those of you who wish to disagree with me on the lifespan of this game first I'd like to point you to the DevLog - Q&A's. DevLogQ&A. I've linked 1 of them but I encourage you to read all 3. They have so many awesome features planned I believe it's worth the wait. Finally... remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

      All for now,

      P.S. *sitting in the corner eagerly waiting for version*
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    • Coudnt agree more.
      Game has HUGEE potential only shame is dev team is small and people patience is also small XD but only strong ones will survive and enjoy this beauty when it is released :) Like you said so manny features comming in that will make this game so much better than competitors :) and i can not wait for it..
      FS19 will have to pull out some miricle to beat CnC in their game :D

      Having said that

      PS. Joining you in corner and waiting this damn month to pass :D So many game updates expected for me.. lucklly EFT update droped today so i can waste 10-20 days in it untill the :)
    • Can I join you guys in the corner? I'm not really active lately in game or on the forum. But since the first release this game came a long way and will get better and better. You get good value for your cash. I think this game will set rules for future farm games. And the involvement from the devs and the team towards the community is awesome. I'm patient and will wait till the final release. And people who gave up already will never be satisfied with any game out there. On here we are a big family for now :D and I hope it will stay that way
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    • D.Jankovic wrote:

      FS19 will have to pull out some miricle to beat CnC in their game :D
      Honestly the main advantage Farm sim has over C&C is the large modding community. Features I was wanting in C&C was the seasons system and more realistic physics (plus better graphics and ground deformation) But now seasons mod has come out for farm sim, that takes away one of the advantages C&C had, and with the More Realistic mod, FS now feels far more realistic to me than C&C does.

      I still have hopes for C&C but with recent farm sim developments C&C just seems to be falling further behind.