Physics is a joke

  • Physics is a joke

    I know CnC is very much an alpha demo of sorts. BUT even then, I don't think vehicles should be sliding around when you brake.
    Or, you shouldn't be able to do this with a combine (or a tractor, or anything bigger than a motorcycle).

    Definitely not with Physic realism set to hardcore.

    Please don't make another Farming Simulator out of this.

    I expect to be flamed to fuck, but whatever.
  • If you are looking for a good physical here you will not find it is a money problem, c4 engine just does not get it but you can see that if there is money it is possible and the test is here look at the date and you will see that in MBB there is no one who can imitate it but only it's a problem of hiring the right person

    the editor C4 has a joint that can help a lot but I have not come to understand it and it is very important to be able to reach the physical level of the FS year 2012

    My old models have come in the LS to simulate 100 joints with different degrees of freedom here I have not even passed 7 in the case of the lemken varidiamant and after 2 weeks I have left it because when the rotation animation is included it completely disconnects all the joints

    I'm still waiting for answers from MBB but I do not think I have it after a month and a half

    a very important detail look at where the creator of the FS worked

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  • I agree that the game/editor could use a lot more physics related controls. But as MBB is integrating PhysX themselves they obviously only integrate what they need at the moment. It's not like you can enable all of these features with a simple flick of a button. All of these features took Unreal a lot of manpower and time. And it will take MBB time to integrate.
    I'm sure they'll listen to the modders feedback but you need to give them time to react to it. They have different priorities right now.
    I'm sure there will be more functionality added in the future and maybe we'll even be able to develop our own features?
  • atm you can take and throw the realistic stuff out the window. They are not done messing with the physics etc so attempting to implement realistic physics when things like ground physics are not implemented yet, would only lead to well thing breaking :)

    It's also important to remember that you can only do so much in a game when it comes to realism.

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  • It feels like the game is build upon alot of unfinished parts right now.

    This is maybe how gamedevelopment is done, but it feels like they never really finish anything. Start One thing then before they are done they move on to something else.

    For example the physics is a very basic and fundamental component of a game and should be finishen before they start with track ir and multiplayer imo.
  • yes , but as some of them work on the physics, other work on other parts that are easier to take forwards ... If they had all been working only on the physics, we would probably have nothing to test at this time .... :/
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  • You usually have people working on different things on a game at any given point which means that some stuff will be done before other things and then simply get pushed out to the live branch, doesn't really matter if it's an EA branch or internal branch.

    There is also a bussiness perspective to consider here. If they only focus on physics(in this case) then they wont be able to release anything new/fix bugs which means there will be no updates until they finish that one thing which also means that people will stop playing the game which means a loss in revenue. So they gotta keep working on all sorts of different elements to keep the game floating. Like you mention MP, it makes total sense to begin working on mp IF the new AI works properly because that will spike the interest in the game and keep the wheels moving :)

    So basically they can't all work on physcis, 1. because they are not all trained in working with that and 2 they gotta keep fixing bugs and delivering new content to satisfy the masses and with that said, the physics isn't that bad imo, it could be better but it's no where near horrible/a joke.

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  • ok, I agree that there are priorities but we must bear in mind that the result in the render is much more beautiful with good physics, but on the other side it is much easier to draw and program models without taking into account the multiple positions that a node can have in a real environment.

    Anyway, we are working on a simulator and we all know that simulating is approaching reality and that this has to have an adequate quality / price ratio to be able to succeed