Your opinion about Pure Farming 2018

    • Your opinion about Pure Farming 2018

      hello ... What you think about last established game Pure Farming 2018, ?, what prons and cons you see in that game...?
      personaly I've played this game 2 hours and I observe couple pluses
      -better lighting system that this in FS17 and the same like in Cattle and Crops but without fps-drop then you turn the lights.
      -much better than in FS17 scaling of machines ,,looks very realistic comparing size of player and the same like cattle and crops..
      -dynamic sky ,which is suprising me,,because clouds moving very realistic but in Cattle and Crops it look way better.
      and the major minus in PF 18 for me is don't have dynamic terrain .in that part better is even FS17..
      So Cattle and Crops ,need improve lighting system ,optimaze it ,,to reduce fps consumtion.
      What you observe in PF18 ?
    • Anyone purchased Pure farming 2018?

      You can see some of our points what we like and dont in that thread.

      But in my opinion game is just to arcadeish 2d textures on field are joke... it is like slaping 2x2m texture overlaping over the field if you start makeing weird turns etc it just gets so weird. can be seen there

      I like that you can do rice you can do work around trees it brings new stuff to the farming games but game will get boring pretty soon when you realise that is it couple of jobs and you done rinse and repeat.

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