Early-Access-Update-Release v0.1.3.0

    • Early-Access-Update-Release v0.1.3.0

      With the update you can use the new worker system and new machines.

      The new worker system now also takes the headland into account, so that most of the turning maneuvers can be performed without leaving the field. We also strongly improved the savegame support for the worker.

      If there are no big problems with the new employee, we will subsequently address the topic of multiplayer! At the same time we are working on the gameplay, the physics, the controls and new content for the combine update and the following grassland update.

      Did you buy Cattle and Crops on Steam? Then you can now register at the CnC forum with your Steam key:

      We have received new backup in the forum and would like to welcome the new moderators Jeytav, DannyA4, Fck54, Florian1986, JP86 and Buttermaker.

      We have created an archive for the bugreports in the forum, all “finished” topics are being closed and moved there for a better overview.

      We hope you have fun and wish you a nice weekend!

      The MBB team

      All changes, bug fixes and news you can check out in the changelog as always.


      • NEW: Betimax RDS 6000
      • NEW: Köckerling Rebell Classic 520
      • NEW: Bressel & Lade Typ-S L und Typ-S XL
      • NEW: The Hammer concrete weight pack consisting of 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 kg. The two big weights have additional connectable plates with 200 kg each. A hitch for trailers is built in as well
      • NEW: The player character can now jump as well!!!
      • NEW: Steam users can now create a Cattle and Crops account and have access to the forum
      • NEW: The savegame system has been further reworked and enhanced with a backup and autosave function. In the options menu under gameplay you can find the settings for those functions. Autosave can be selected via the according slot ingame. If necessary, the backups can be moved manually into the save game folder. On windows backups can be found in the save game folder, located in document/my games/cattle and crops
      • NEW: There are new actions for looking left/right/ahead/back that you can comfortably assign to the arrow keys of your controller
      • NEW: The minimap has a new function: the map can now be anchored. You can choose if you want to have the arrow rotating or the map instead of the arrow

      • BUG FIX: Typos in the menus have been corrected
      • BUG FIX: Problems with collision shapes that partially led to faulty mass centers and suspension behaviour have been fixed. Now the Dammann sprayer can be maneuvered better when it is extended
      • BUG FIX: The bindings of the “+” and “-” keys don’t get lost after the game starts
      • BUG FIX: The Arion now only has one ignition key
      • BUG FIX: The employee now recognizes the reverse gear when he is in a vehicle
      • BUG FIX: The steering info panel doesn’t blend in to menus like the shop any more
      • BUG FIX: When using the autopilot, no navigation points are being approached that lie behind the vehicle
      • BUG FIX: The interior mirror of the Arion is now adjustable
      • BUG FIX: The worker now only begins to harvest maize after the cutting unit has been unfolded completely
      • BUG FIX: The new worker system should ensure that when working with the CornKing, no spots on the fields are being left out
      • BUG FIX: There shouldn’t be a crash any longer when transporting bulls with a hired Betimax while the time is running out. The bulls are automatically transferred to the trader
      • BUG FIX: The problem that the Hawe doesn’t spawn in the mission “Golden Harvest” has been fixed
      • BUG FIX: There had been some bugged animations when for example an implement was unfolded and the vehicle was exited at the same time. This should have been fixed

      • CHANGE: The supporting foot of the Stapel should now be placed correctly after loading
      • CHANGE: The methods, controllers and types in the editor have been ordered alphabetically
    • Sooooo.......
      The AI worker is supposed to be.... better?
      Going to say it is really broken. Trying to finish corn harvest I started yesterday.
      Forage harvester skips outside round of the field, starts on the second round in, sometimes.
      You can't get the trailer driver to follow you really, to manually drive the harvester and do that part first, or last.

      Autosave is awesome, but is it breaking the helper?
      It is just doing some really weird things.
      Will an uninstall/reinstall help this to get rid of conflicting files?

      Have a worker plowing a field at the same time, it is more or less working ok so far, but leaving a giant headland on all 4 sides of the field, which is definitely not how you do that job.
      I've plowed more than enough acres to know this. ( Over 40 years since I started plowing)

      Going to let it run to see what happens, but I'm betting it won't plow the headlands after, we shall see.

      I'm sure the dev team will sort this all out, and am not losing my mind here, but rather looking for feedback from other players to see if it's just me, or is it utterly broken for everyone?

      Sidenote. Why on earth can I not assign a worker to ONLY drive the harvester, or ONLY drive the wagons to the BGA or wherever? You can't take over one of the jobs after starting the task really, the AI tries to go on it's own unless you are pushing a key 100% of the time to override it.
      This would also free up a worker to do something else, instead of having one assigned to a task it isn't actually doing.

      Oh big thank you for fixing the keybind saving on the num + - keys, I use num * for push to talk, having to rebind this on every game start was a pain.

      I really appreciate the effort being made for smart ai workers, and I'm sure eventually it will be amazing, some of the things they can already do are pretty cool.
      But I'm going to say, for me at least, this patch has really broken some things.

      Can we at least get a hotfix that allows me to hook a trailer to the forage harvester, so we can manually harvest, since this is currently impossible?
      Setting a worker to run wagons for you would be better, but at least if we could hook a trailer to the forage harvester we would have a workaround, and allowing them to hook to each other "should" be a MUCH easier thing to do coding wise.

      Thanks again for the hard work on the game.
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    • @Chicken
      The changes were only targeting field work with headland like plowing seeding and so on. Seems like it broke some parts of harvesting.

      Programming field navigation is incredibly hard especially having only one or two people working on it. Some companies spend years on GPS systems that do work like that. The goal is pretty much that the worker does all the work he needs to do, making the driving pattern realistic is something for the future.

      If you want to drive the Jaguar just make sure to place a tractor with a trailer attached near your field. Then drive up to the field and get ready with the Jaguar. Now you can press the "Call Trailer" button in the User Actions panel on the right to call a worker.

      If you just want to take over a vehicle in a task you can use a workaround for now. Check the Fleet to get the corrosponding vehicle id for the vehicle you want to take over. Then open the console with ^ and use the command abortNavigation vehicleID. You might have to use this command a few times to completely cancle every following navigation he has lined up. Just use the up Arrow inside the console and press enter to use it again. Now the worker should be gone and you can take over.
    • Oh thanks a lot for that response.

      I have a great appreciation for how difficult some of this is, and as stated, some of the things already accomplished are pretty amazing.
      I am going to experiment with the last few fields.

      Regarding the plow helper I mentioned earlier.
      It actually left 3 "headlands" plowing to the edge in the direction it was working.
      Then proceeded to work off the three sides by going around all three, then heading back to the headland start point, and so on.
      This worked VERY well, really. So I can see where they are going with it.

      Going to guess one of the smaller trailers yet to be introduced will actually hook to the Jaguar.
      Although the front mounted one would be awesome to get in game, for solo foraging, perhaps when we get cereal crops and the combine?
      Since apparently my 40-odd beef cattle don't eat very much. Yay for that!

      Thanks again to the dev team. Fantastic work, looking forward things to come.
      Oh, and thanks for sneaking a few new pieces of equipment in!
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    • *Update.

      After eight ish ( 8 ! ) hours more in game, going to say some minor issues with the harvester are small potatoes compared to the goodness in general.

      Autosave worked flawlessly. Giving us a ton of time options on how often it saves is much appreciated.
      Stability, for me at least, was spot on. Good stuff guys! I'm sure you will work your way through the edge cases, and make this true for pretty much everyone.
      Nice progress for a small team.
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      M.2 500GB / Samsung 840 Evo Sata 6 500Gb / 1TB WD Blue / Thermaltake 360mm AIO
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    • I found I had to enter that as abortNavigation #32 and it worked for me.
      In my case, I set up the task with the harvester and wagon still at the co-op where I rented them from, giving me a longish drive to the field, so I could try it until the harvester was freed up.

      The number above is per your example, mine was different of course.
      It did indeed work though, and the worker in the tractor and wagon performed flawlessly for the entirety of Field 3.
      Which is pretty big.
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    • Rob wrote:

      Wir wollten eigentlich heute eine neue Fragen-/Antwortenrunde posten aber schaffen das leider nicht mehr.
      Es wird nächste Woche nachgereicht neben dem Update damit ihr Ostern was zu spielen habt.
      Wir haben insbesondere die Lenkradunterstützung verbessert.

      Schönes Wochenende

      We wanted to post a new Q&A session today, but unfortunately that was not possible.
      It will be posted next week together with the update, which will give you something to play with during easter.
      We have in particular improved the steering wheel support.

      Have a nice weekend

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