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    As EA is upon us, I hate but notice a few translations that haven't been converted from German, felt like I should make this post in order to hopefully get them ironed out before the EA release. As Steam EA will bring a lot more users that may not be familiar with the game, having aspects incorrectly translated may draw them away / confuse people which may lead to negative reviews, although I hope not.

    Here are a few of the translations I have seen, please add to this if you find any others, I know the Devs may be aware but am just bringing to their attention:


    Currently "Harzard Flasher" - "Hazard Flasher or Hazard Lights"

    Inside of the Mission Select (F5):

    Attached Image:

    "Starten" - Start
    "Abbrechen" - Abort / Stop
    "Abschießen" - Unsure of, possibly "Complete" "Finish" but direct translate says "To Lock"
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