Bugs and little details which i found so far

  • Bugs and little details which i found so far

    i have some bugs reports from new update.

    # 1
    Little detail of the plow that you can see on this video. One part of the plow is shaking and it's not look nice.
    Yea, it's detail but every little detail makes the game better.

    # 2
    Another detail is about GPS on minimap. I found that when GPS is on then at some locations (near sewage plant) makes some sharp shapes at crossroads which you can see below on screenshot.
    Now some more importat thing. I recorded 2 videos that compares driving downhill with attachment (plow) and without that. Video #1 with attachment and video #2 without attachment. When you compare these two videos you can see a big difference between each. Tractor In the first one is all shaking and it doesn't depend if it is MB or Arion both of them has same result. But in a second video it is completely different. Tractor doesn't have any attachment and it's going from hill like a normal up to one part due to suspension of MB trac, high speed and twisted road. Also i found something what is related with this and it is friction. Driving with plow is like driving on ice. Tractor is really slippery from mid speed. And this whole bug is happening only when attachment is joint by 3 point. Maybe it's related with centre of gravity.

    Thank you for new update and if you will have some questions i'll be here to answer them.
    PS: My English level -999

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  • Great , just one thing, you should create a separate discussion for each bug you encounter ...
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