• Alright. First of let's start from the beginning.

      My career in farming started almost 11 years ago after attending an agricultural school just outside Stockholm city Sweden.

      I have always had computer gaming as a hobby. And farming sims combine two of my interests.

      And I like what has happened to the visual aspects since Sim Tractor. 8o
      You might already guess where this is going.

      However. In school. 11 years ago. I was taught, during our on-school practise, while ploughing to utilize the furrow.
      I mean. It's nice to have a visual furrow. But let's take this one step further. Make it so we can utilize the furrow. For straightness mainly.
      There are a few ideas out of my head.
      You might call this a suggestion from now on.

      For example. A good way to utilize the furrow is to more or less "stick" to it. That's also the best way to utilize it. Atleast from a game perspective as I believe it would be quite hard to implement some sort of soil compaction that you actually can use the furrow for as you plough. Sort of a TL;DR on that matter is simply said: Compact the soil when you struck a loose soiltype (accomplished by steering out towards "land") or no compacting (accomplished by going straight in the furrow).

      How the furrow might work in game?
      You have no furrow on the first pass, obviously. But when you have made your first pass and go for your second one the tractor should really "sort of" stick to the furrow more than now, as in, you don't have to steer so much to keep it in line with your last pass.
      But that'd be if you had more narrow, let's call them, standard tires. Another thing is if you have wider tires. Tires that does not really fit the width of the furrow. Now those tires will also follow the furrow better than what is experienced in game right now. But they tend to want to jump out more easily.

      Then of course we have on-land ploughs that I have no personal experience about so I cannot say much about them.

      Make ploughing great again!

      Objections? Questions? Let's discuss!
    • Very good theory here is a simulation that is much better than when it started in the LS2009 anyway not being able to keep the wheel in position is a problem of physics because if you disconnect the plow once you start you will see that keeps the wheel always in the same place in fact for now do not take into account the connected implement only the data that was loaded when assigning the task.

      if you use one of the models for test " links to mods for test and other features " you will see that they work better but there is still the problem that the programmers have not solved 'the same thing happened in the LS until 2011' that the program drags the two objects as 1, if you notice there is no freedom of movement in the vertical attachment ' there is where it does not coincide with reality ' and causes a horizontal displacement and sometimes movement blocking