links to mods for test and other features

    • new model although it looks a lot like another model of a brand that I will not comment on since I hope that MBB will include it at some point because of the brands that the game supports
      This includes sound of the pump and has scripts of change of wheels with two new types low poly 1500 triangles per wheel it is clear that MBB does it better but after two years I think it is necessary to fill the set of objects with something different
      As for the textures I am almost independent of MBB I have used two methods to copy the originals to my mod folders and then in low resolution they can be used in blender to make the UV example the lights have a thousand possibilities from the original texture which one is very well done
      the other method is simply to start creating your own sheets for the future

      Now I want to start a trailer for the Scania hooklift taking advantage of the 7X 2.5 mts base of this model once finished I will publish the scania update and that of all the slurry and other trailers, from that moment the textures will no longer be modified to avoid having to upload as much data as they are close to 1.5 gigabytes and the following models will have their own sheet and parts of those already published

      some shots
    • Some texture updates have been included, it is recommended to delete the previous versions for those who are not informed the file structure uses this simulator does not take into account the name of the zip so that all the textures folders of all my models can be grouped in a single folder and thus it is easier to control updates and delete many duplicate files

      link to test
    • Customized sound has arrived at CNC and I have the method shortly we will enjoy Scania with true sound

      the method
      audacity program with the necessary codecs I have version 1.3
      import the sound in audacity, treat each one as it occurs, sampling frequency 44100 hz (important since otherwise crash in CNC), export as (wav microsoft 16 bit signed) place it in the folder tree and write the path in XML or directly in the editor for cultivated or other sounds

      not necesary import sound in editor placed directly in folder

    • The previous method works with the sounds that are not of the engine for these I have tried several methods and in the end it turns out that you have to change the export option for the one seen in the photo with this we already have all the sounds ok now the difficult thing comes configure the XML and link the different rpm to get a real sound here I leave an example unzip and insert in scania
      the sounds are from an old mod scania the important thing is the method and especially that someone is encouraged to experiment

    • Thanks a lot for your'e hard Work

      The Mods you make are Awesome. The Quality and Complexity.
      I never seen something like this in the Modding Scene's before,
      we've may be lucky to have you here, and following the Vision of C&C.
      Can't whait to see whats cometh in the future.

      I wish you all the best and a recreative Xmas time.

      Sorry if my English is bad.

      And for the People that have a Problemm with Uploaded
      the Least we can do is Support the Modders DDL links
      we get sooooo much for free.
    • Hi again the time of the update of Scania is approaching and for those who like transport vehicles here they will have a new animated trailer to be able to transport containers, it also includes the possibility of unloading them without having to make the transfer to the HKL, it is a road-only model and here in this simulator it does not work for much since there is still no possibility of using the containers as discharge or loading points mobiles something that I do not understand since it is the same as a silo you just have to add it in tasks like a station more but for now is what there is

      I have to assemble and program the container with loading and unloading slurry arm (or water, I hope that in the future it will also be possible to irrigate the fields since here in the south it is necessary)

    • Well this is almost there, it is already possible to load from the nurse tank without being connected (removed Show trading window in tankUnload controller) so that it is possible to load from the connections or from the inside with the articulated arm which has 2 modes of operation: auto (allows to extend it and pick it up without adjustments) man (allows to position it in the desired place) in the case of the nurse tank it is only necessary to move the second arm to put the hose inside; The flexible has 2 joints with their solids so that you have to take into account the collisions, the nurse tanks have been modified for it.

      now I have to do a cleaning and review the models for the weekend do the update of Scania and all trailers, containers and others (1 gb compressed)
    • XYZSPAIN you're a magician. Really fantastic job.

      Thank you for your work you have done.

      I wish you and of course to all over the forum, Merry Christmas, lot of health and happy New Year.

      CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz
      GPU Type - Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R9 280X 3,072 GB GDDR5
      GPU Driver - Radeon Software Version 17.12.1
      RAM - 8 GB
      Win 7 64bit
    • list of objects that will be updated tomorrow

      • added sounds
      • changes in all HKL

      • big body 750 overload can now be downloaded onto other objects and can also be left ready to operate the battery auger when it is dettached and added tarp and grid
      • changes in all HKL

      • TMR 34 overload can now be downloaded onto other objects and can also be left ready to operate the battery auger when it is dettached
      • added water tank ,box and wheel choks support
      Container trailer for trucks
      • new model based on videos of the network the way of working is the same as the generic only adds the download function and is much more beautiful
      Slurry trailer
      • 6 new models that are 3 with different colors each group has its own functions and includes some generic as more important is the container that includes everything from the others and also has an articulated arm that for now is quite limited by the lack of in-game compatibilities
      Silage trailers
      • changes in fill mesh has been included the last of hawe 0.9

      I'm sure I forgot something but I'm not done yet

      FieldLiner for now although the TMR 34 is attached in the photo and if it has downloaded in other cases it only does so when the other object is dettached . Work in progress
    • hi, these are the links for SCANIA and all the trailers, containers, hkl, etc. I have changed servers and I need to download and test them to confirm that there are no errors before uploading to modhoster after the problems in the bga already I have doubts about some functions
      Silos and BGA Bunker do not allow Fieldgrass / Hay / Silage mixtures - only pure fiedgrass, hay, silage


      Remember that my models share many textures of different sheets it is necessary to group the textures in a single folder to be able to have better control of the updates, another method is to always download the latest published versions to ensure that they are all present; this is due to the large amount of data needed to represent them

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    • Hi @XYZSPAIN,

      I have a request, question.Would you be able to adapt the Elho grass mower to 0.9.0 ? It's a lot wider and more effective than the small Claas mower. I like to use it a lot because you can use it to mow a larger area in less time. I had already rented this after the 0.9.0 update but could not connect it. Perhaps this has to do with the change in MBB among the attachers.



    • I have found a serious error again MBB have changed the orientation of the joint frontLoader with what there are implements that do not connect properly , after some tests it is already possible to load the fillType in the BGA, in some cases fake tanks or the nurse tank no it recognizes it so it is necessary to empty the tank and it can already be loaded with mixtures or a single fillType

      in the last photo you can see the change in the Tank Controller also if you need to do tests it is only necessary to add the amount in the corresponding box and reload the model with this you can already check the operation with the different mixtures

      I hope your comments and if there are no more errors the new version will be included in modhoster and I will delete this from the server
      • 20191221135730_1.jpg

        479.89 kB, 1,680×1,050, viewed 37 times
    • Hi @XYZSPAIN

      just as a side note from the news:

      "Note to the modders
      We have adjusted the fixed implement attachers (front loader, front loader tool, combine cutter, forage harvester cutter). Implements are now aligned to the attacher node so that the reference and attacher nodes have the same position and orientation. Existing mods may need to be adjusted."

      But what I am more interested in is how the mixture of e.g. BGP digestate and bull slurry works. They have different values for NPK. Do you see any effect on these values if you mix different liquid fertilizers? So will a mixture of different types has an effect on the field?
    • @MOOSE if we are talking about joskin 2650 I have checked it and it works correctly and it is the same for all silage trailers
      @Nachtfalke the change of the attach is only a 180 degree rotation in the node that has been easy to fix but on the contrary cutting and swath, mesh particles are activated only in reverse direction with what for now is not resolved

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    • ELHO is already fixed taking advantage of it includes more sounds, orientation of the implement to reduce the impact on the ground (the hydraulic sound is activated when there is a collision so it is necessary to maintain a correct leveling so that it is not continuously working can be checked in the field without starting the discs
      The task is scheduled as harvest
    • For those who want to modify parts, change colors or brands, learn from my work and that of others, here I leave the links to the latest textures, blenders and decals of the latest models as well as updated ones…

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    • Hello @XYZSPAIN,

      I tried to download the new version of HKL, Dolly and Trailer.Unfortunately it didn't work for me,
      neither the link here in the forum nor at Modhoster.It is always shown to me during the check that the ZIP folder contains no file.
      I have tried to download it several times now, using the link in the forum and at Modhoster.
      Always with the same result.

      Thank you for your help! For your ingenious mods that you provide them here and keep them up to date.
      A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones !!




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    • XYZSPAIN wrote:

      ELHO is already fixed taking advantage of it includes more sounds, orientation of the implement to reduce the impact on the ground (the hydraulic sound is activated when there is a collision so it is necessary to maintain a correct leveling so that it is not continuously working can be checked in the field without starting the discs
      The task is scheduled as harvest


      ELHO Mod is missing 3 textures in RADIAL menu for rotat, move H and move V.

      If I attach the Elho the "black rotating pipe / Zapfwelle" is not connected to the tractor and "swinging". After loading a game it lays on the ground.

    • Hi, thank you very much Zaku for the comment. :thumbsup:
      @Nachtfalke as for the elho in the capture you can see that the icons are in the radial menu what I do not know if they work since I do not use it and I do not know if you have to program something different to be able to move the axles, with respect to the PTO if it is activated but it must be adjusted for each tractor (since we do not have dynamic attachers only the basics I have used a script that measures the height to the ground so that once it is placed at the height it is saved and until a correction or reload of the model is made

      once it has been attached, the height and distance to the PTO connection must be adjusted after a raise / lower is made and it is checked that it maintains the point approx (I hope that in version 1 all this is changed and others are already available atachers) new sound and minor changes

      I have made the zips to place them directly in the mods folder according to MBB theory, the game must recognize the newest and not present the previous models I have checked and it works in this way it will be easier to make updates