links to mods for test and other features

    • new tank model for slurry own creation to be able to do behavior test and scripts for an object with several attachments of different types that is to say in this case you can drag or use an HKL to take it to the head of the field until here everything ok now I have to in front of the fill mesh, the particles in the discharge and the possibility of creating other different pumping systems and even a mixer since it has a loading and a discharge port

      As for the slurry trailer I am converting textures of the original stapel and in the future with the new objects that I have to draw and the base of the Krampe I think I will make a 3-axis tank and another one with loading systems as in the video as well as some tank for the Scania

    • @newbienearcologne I would like to solve the problem of the dettach and avoid using fake tanks but for now I have not achieved it and in this model I still have problems in the triggers, it is clear that it is difficult for a script to run by itself and that it can also be controlled manually, that is to say who has preference the auto or the manual?

      As for the fake tanks, they can be eliminated but all the indefinite connections of the hoses are lost (by specs controller tankUnload) so I prefer to keep the visual detail

      work in progress (how horrible are the night particles ;( )
    • MBB changes in textures and particle mesh, marker frontLoader,etc as well as in the engine make a new update of all the models necessary the changes have been made according to the tests performed in the main models that is to say the copies and variants have not been checked if there are any problem please comment it and add a jpg image. Throughout the week all will be updated to the last state on my computer that is to say, unpublished models will be included .
      There are some models that when the task is added proceed to empty the tank and has to be filled before going to the field with the same fillType that has been marked to purchase, the same happens with the need to make a dettach to be able to do the filling in manual mode, it is an error since version 0.6
      I have seen these errors on my computer both in my models and when using MBB


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    • Remember that almost all models are for players with enough experience since it is necessary to prepare in advance the conminations and in the case of attachments with the new system the object does not recognize the first time from the 3 level can be checked in the hkl With 2 slurry tankers the second must be hooked with Q key but afterwards you can use the cab control, it is also important to have userActions pop up enabled to disable objects in some maneuvers objects that can cause interference with others

      Scania long frame and trailer for tramsport slurry in progress construction


    • Hi @XYZSPAIN,a question and a request to you.Do you also have the followers like,Krampe Big Body also on the last of MBB published update ???
      That would be totally super of you if you have the time and leisure for it, because your followers I found really good and they are also slightly larger than those from the game.
      It's just awesome what you've released so far on great mods.



    • @FarmerJK

      Unload animation of trailers is controlled from tankUnload controller and is a copy of MBB

      Trailer transport Slurry has already arrived some scripts are missing for functionality of the sector valves and make the necessary tests, it includes 3 loading ports 4 of discharge (tube with cab control, vacuum pump, centrifugal pump ,control valves and all scripts that can be attached

      some shots not updated
    • @Nybyggarn at the moment there are too many updates and I think the players are demotivated so many changes and every time MBB makes an update I also have to do it to adapt them in the case of textures I am processing them to disconnect from those of MBB.

      trailer slurry finished the scripts
      The vacuum pump controls the entire process so that there are 4 possibilities with a few seconds of waiting between each movement to adapt the valves and establish a vacuum or pressure

      Now finish textures and decals to start adapting the tank to the scania long frame

      tomorrow I will try to leave here a trial version will only include the textures of the model to make it less heavy
    • Thanks! Danke!
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    • Kverneland implements V 0.6.2 that you have uploaded to modhoster is missing all work textures, not sure if its a bad file directory or because of the latest update.

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    • hello, after a year I already have a new model for a hooklift semitrailer, it is not finished since some scripts and decals are still missing, the product has several brands and will be available as Krogër HKL30 and Krampe SHL30 (It's a shame that hoses dynamicals are not available since it would have a nicer render but I guess MBB will include something before the final version)
      this model makes an update of the other 5 hkl available by adding the connectors and hydraulic lines

      some shots
    • look`s nice!
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    • Thank you very much for your support here you have a small render of what will be the Scania hooklift with Meiller equipment, it still has enough in decals since the model is only suitable for powerful computers since it is only in 120 000 polys you add the containers with 30000 and current trailer with 55000 you need a good machine to move it

    • The scania is delaying me because of the scripts it seems that it is not possible to move the collisions in the first level as seen in the first photo, so now joints have been added for each collision and it is already possible to use it also the method 'sendUserAction 'and other variables' implement 'also do not work so the functions of the cycle for now do not work however by the direct method everything is correct

      this is caused by the movement of the workingArm collision now has a joint

      here the container on the truck is correctly seen because a joint has been added to the rollers so that now they are the ones that support the weight in the rest of the models the container rests directly on the frame collision

      As for colors, there are many possibilities and I still do not have a script to be able to modify them, so there will only be two models and each one will have to change it in the editor looking for the piece
      the shots are almost all nocturnal since they are reviewing the reflection of several colors to obtain new tones corresponding to other materials that for now I have not achieved
    • new attempt to eliminate fake tanks and keep the flexible hoses
      In principle it seems correct I have spent the week and for a very simple mistake just using one tractor at a time in the tests I had not noticed this

      for some reason in the game when changing objects and therefore the camera loses the representation of the flexible ?( :thumbdown: :?:

      until that moment almost everything was beautiful there were even new functions to control triggers

      some shots and zip for test

      some textures are missing in the valves but above all keep a copy of the originals and place it in directory trailers hkl containers
      details such as the activation of the discharge when nothing is connected in the lower rear port which is the most logical for this object

      well after this waste of time I will continue with the fake tanks and draw the pending models although some sure that when changing the positions I would need another fake tank :P
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    • Hi XYZSPAIN,

      I've got some problems with your mods.
      I tried your Scania but there was something wrong with textures

      I noticed the same texture when using cultivators and plows (only with the anilmation in the fields). Maybe i missed sommething for using theses mods.

      Thanks for your work.

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    • Did you have the latest NVIDIA drivers?
      or did you have older mods in your modfolder
      its important to use Mods that fits to the latest MBB Update v0.7.0.8 is the Nummber to get.
      The newest update Mods from XYZSPAIN did he post here some news before 21. Oktober 2019
      Better dont use mods with the same Name,
      I think just the mods form XYZSPAIN and (newbienearcologne on Modhoster) are updatet to the latest Progress of MBB
      You have to watch on the Update nummbers on Modhoster some are older.
      I use just Elho, Kverneland, Palettenset(no update i think) Scania,"Test slurry trailer", Trac_1400, trailer hkl, trailer hkl dolly container, windrower,
      if i remember right the only probs like u i had with the "Test slurry trailer" but i mean its WIP. But the Scania works well.

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    • Hi,

      CnC is the lastest version
      Nvidia driver was update to 440.26 version

      I deleted all mods and i tried with scania only but i have got the same problems with textures.
      I posted this message because i have got a lot of 'missing ressources' in my debug.log

      Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3,60 Ghz x8
      RAM 8Gio
      Geforce GTX 760 (driver 440.64)
      Ubuntu 20.04 64bit
    • XYZSPAIN wrote:

      vip test version includes HKL30 SHL30 and RK30 both files are necessary for the correct representation, these include updates of the krampe textures that can be used in the previous models
      I hope you like it
      Looks like you need both Files and These Files have new textures for older mods.

      Do you use Both Files?
      Do you have the Texture Problem with older mods or His latest Mod?