links to mods for test and other features

    • this is a modification of an original model of MBB that has been made changes in textures, sticks, scripts and two more objects have been added to create a set to extend slurry although the tank can also load fertilizer needed for models with injection to ground


      the set does not have logos but if someone wants to create others it is simple since MBB has left the textures in 1024x1024 of the decals so that in a screenshot you get 958x958 and when you scale it the information loss is very small

      it has not been published so it stays in the forum and if someone creates other versions you can publish them but respect the copyright
    • with claas arion 530 of the game without modifications

      1 buy feeder and fake feeder only seed (2 flexible) connect them to the tractor (in the last version it connects on the right side)
      2 buy DF2 Hopper and fake tanks only seed approach the seed on one side to activate only one tank start on the left
      3 if everything has been done correctly the flexible ones will automatically connect to the feeder
      4 buy DF2 and approach the object in such a way that the flexible ones are connected if you make a mistake you advance 3 meters and the flexible ones disconnect modify the address and try again

      2 method
      buy all the objects and leave them separated by groups, program the task with the corresponding connections and when you are going to execute it, erase it in this way the program already places the objects in its place and you just have to fill the tanks

      3 method
      buy the DF2 connect and fill the tanks of this, have a capacity of 45 liters
      program the task and the AI already takes care of refilling automatically
    • Big thanks for the New Kverneland Paket, and the Manure spreader paket,
      all sounds good and looks great specialy the Power-take-off shaking on the DF2 looks so great. :thumbsup:
      I just have one Problem with the long pipe that i need for the manure spreader to fill it up.
      Its always says theres no space at the farm even when i sell it all, i cant by it anywhere i try even at the trader shop it wont by it.
      I hope you can Help me out I dont want to interupt you while working, but i dont have any idea left to try.
    • hello, I found a detail that MBB has not disclosed and that opens the possibility to models that in other simulators are very complicated to perform and it is the multiattach (ie the possibility of declaring different attachment points of the tractor in the model with what it is possible to forget about the foldable machines and to pass to the trailed rigid in transport Mode to three points linkage in Work Mode) this is one of the many other options offered by having triggers in different points of the model

      more news next week
    • the rigid model of 6 bodies for fertilizer and slurry is already finished at the end is completely animated

      each unit
      -Spin on wheels, discs, etc
      -springs autoscale and autoorientation
      -lateral disc, trash wheel and press wheel autoorientation and oscillation
      - pararell bars measure the height to the ground and adapt to it so that the whole unit fits the floor and the render looks better than with vertex colors
      -hoses have been used ropes so that they also oscillate without the need for vertex colors also has not been necessary to use blockers so that they are also affected by gravity

      for foldables the idea is in manual to use it as 3 meters or to add left or right arm independently in AI mode will be like all 6 meters since for now I do not know how to modify the working width

      personally I really like it but I do not know what impact these methods will have on the graphic cards my computer supports it well for 5 minutes after the 80th message is out in the CPU ,anyway after it is finished until September there is no more

    • hi, well the holidays have arrived this is the last update except errors 'I hope there will not be'
      It has been complicated partly by my lack of knowledge in programming and secondly because there is no guide to help with the scripts and especially need to know how to program the children to communicate with their parents since my main interest are the combinations of objects and how to harmonize their behavior; leaving aside the complaints we must underline the good behavior of the joints (packomat) and the great possibilities of the script that measures the height to the floor used where the joints generate conflicts or instability

      has changed the plows now have already incorporated the arm of the packer( instance model) with a cabControl to adjust the length between 1.8 and 3.3 meters according to kverneland has only three arms and three packers here has been modified a script to be able to use it according to the need of each moment

      Again you can use the front plow always choosing the right rear so that the width of work is correct (possible combinations for now 4 + 3 or 6 + 3) with or without packer , set to 2.5 or 3.3 meters

      Kultistrip can be used in 4 versions two of 3 meters and two of 6 meters foldable and in manual mode independent controlled arm (solid or liquid fertilizer is not allowed to mix)

      notes of topics that I do not understand about the game at the moment:
      Exixten two 'T' because for some reason in the combinations frontand rear does not work in manual correctly if it is used for both models also in the case of the arm sometimes it is necessary to press twice as the first executes rear plough and in the second press the arm is executed

      kultistrip for fertilizer only has one tank but if you use two feeder tubes since for some reason when two tanks are used one was discharged on the other one that is why I have had to invent a solution and it has been that a tank of the Hooper always has zero but still connects the tubes however with the seeds this does not work

      for some reason a model can be edited and you can even use it if it is uncompressed but when compressed if in the Xml somewhere a upper case with a lower case is confused the result is 'not free space on farm'

      I'm happy with the result although I expected more but I guess I'll have to study more or there will be an update to help me I hope you have a holidays to remember and I'm going to put the batteries with blender 2.8 and spend the summer working

      link update models

      link slurry mod @Zaku error " free space on farm" Fake_tanks changed to fake_tanks

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    • although I do not see many downloads on the server but for those who are interested in the construction of the models I leave the blend file of kverneland with the textures in Kra format for krita

      Once the blender file is open you can see the names of the textures to be able to load them. You have to open the corresponding Kra and save each layer separately with the name that appears in the node so blender synchronizes the data of the layer and from there can be modified, I use 6 layers: vicon, kverneland, AO, dirt, reflection (red channel + green channel) and normal

    • Thanks a lot 4 the Selfmade Update, Everything is working fine now,
      and your last Work also is Awesome. :thumbsup:

      @XYZSPAIN I wish u have a nice Summer, a timeout coud surely Help to fill up your Modding Batteries,
      I know the Game tooks a Lot of Time again to the Next Progress Stage were Waiting for "Again"
      I hope you dont have enough off this waiting, and this Game. :/
      I wish you have a good time anyway, What you Released that last Months and Year was Gigantic. I am sure a lot of Players and I are so Thankful for what you give to us. :thumbsup:

      Wow thats a lot u cuming around the corner after the summer specialy The Spreader Trailer. I just show that picture of it because i never seen something like this before and i thought it looks cool, and that kubota is a part of the company is something i didnt know before.
      There`s a lot you Working at the moment, cant whait working with it the first time.
      I postet it here because This is youre Modding threat and i dont want to come between youre latest news, so the people can better find youre newest posts.

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    • hello again everyone we start another season with new models thank you very much to the entire MBB team for the improvements, especially thanks to the RAUCH who will serve as a starting point for the new additions to the brand kverneland to which he has joined I wish the best to the holding company KUBOTA and as there will be no model this year for the moment some shots.
    • This model is already finished although you can add some more scripts to move levers but for now it stays like this I have already made the animation of the new fillMesh is much easier than in the other models

      now we repaint it as Kubota DSC 700 and the two small models are already the big ones of 1700 liters are the Rotaflow of Vicon and Exacta_CL of kverneland
      I hope to finish at the end of the month, although with the change of fertilizers I have to change the tank controllers in the previous models and I hope to be able to take advantage of the fillMesh that are already done well a few shots and even within a week.
    • hi, too many changes during these latest updates I'm going to take some more time for the kverneland update but for now these are the advances
      - texture correction 80%
      - changes in tanks controllers fertilizers 100%
      - test of changes in previous models 75%
      - script changes 50%
      - added functions in radial menu all models 100% (also attach / dettach)
      - kverneland Exacta TL, CL, kubota DSC, Vicon rotaflow 100%
      -trailers for Exacta 50%
      -Possibility of working with front tanks in fertilizers 100%
    • @stdok I have tried it with the slurry trailer and it does not work for now if you can choose in the planning but for now something is disconnected and the truth is the logical thing would be to have objects in closed circuit that will take care of the filling tasks of tanks as already I have written on other occasions I would like that in the tasks the delivery point could be chosen: field header or silos in this way other objects would perform these tasks

      some shots work in progress

    • details of how to make a refill in the spreader with a trailer

      1 the trailer is sent for the cargo with the autopilot key N in this way avoiding having to go for it
      2 if the spreader is in manual mode approaching the trailer until the load / unload menu appears (here there is an error since the vehicle that appears is the trailer therefore it will not work) dettach spreader
      3 be placed in the trailer and it can happen that you start downloading alone or you have to press key unload (U)
      This completes the refill process if you are working by auto you have to wait for a maneuver tractor back and then do the dettach then execute step 3

      I hope it helps and also works in the mods
      (It may be the case that the fill mesh is deleted in the trailer because this the scripts that synchronize the morph weights is only visual)
    • taking advantage of the refill question I have made a small modification in a trailer to be able to test, for now the problems are with the fill mesh textures and the filltypes that are placed in tank controler; after a few hours these are the results
      - choice of download method :thumbup:
      - use original model by means of a cab control to eliminate overload model :thumbup:
      - particle textures and fill mesh for now only grain and fertilizer :thumbup: but not work with grain seed fill mesh grey colour :?:

      As for the model, it lacks small details and placing it in other similar trailers will be copy paste with the possibility of 4 colors red , yelow, green , orange

      for seeder and other tanks it is necessary to include a shape that blocks the particles and the kverneland already has a mixture in all the tanks except seeds :thumbsup:
    • I have finished I think that for now considering that MBB is reviewing the fill mesh of some models better move to other proyects since the updates leave the mods with problems (logical since we are still in beta but at least in some things it get moving) :)

      I have doubts about whether to publish the changes or not since they are almost 400 Mbytes of data and does anyone know when the next update will be :?:

      This is the model for which I have made the trailer modifications, I still have some doubt but I think if I could have scripts to do it ?(

    • XYZSPAIN wrote:

      @stdok I have tried it with the slurry trailer and it does not work for now if you can choose in the planning but for now something is disconnected and the truth is the logical thing would be to have objects in closed circuit that will take care of the filling tasks of tanks as already I have written on other occasions I would like that in the tasks the delivery point could be chosen: field header or silos in this way other objects would perform these tasks

      Hello @XYZSPAIN, I got the helper to work in the Rauch original device. Maybe you can adapt it for your mod. I also make the Rauch able to load and unload in the farm storage for grain because it also accepts all fertilizer sorts. From my point of view it’s the best way to be able that we don't waste fertilizer or something else.
    • @newbienearcologne this update is of transition to be able to continue using the mods it is clear that all scripts that add functions will always be taken into account but at the moment it is already published and the trailers do the same, to me I would like them to be compatible in the future to be able to improve them but as I have always said what interests me most are the models and I think I will continue updating them although it costs me a lot of time and work since I am not a programmer.

      link for trailers also slurry included

      Tomorrow I will update the entries in modhoster to make downloading easier :thumbup:
    • @XYZSPAIN no problem it’s up to you. That the overload function doesn’t work probably and you have to detach the target device was the reason why I search for another solution. Also that we wasn’t able to unload it from the seeding machine and so on. And additional other users asking to be able to use the fertilizer spreader with the helper and that the helper rebuy the fertilizer automatically. This was for me the targets.

      Thanks for your updates.
    • hi, that is to solve the problem of automatic or manual refill whenever you work decompressed you have some knowledge you can do the following:

      edit all fake tanks and add in category fert, seed or both and in capability the same

      With this change you can choose the tank to work the field in manual without auto refill

      auto refill
      edit mods and add in controller fertilize or sowing the filltypes in the rebuyill field see photos and choose to work the implement

      for this to work properly, the combination of objects must be done before scheduling the task and this only includes the tractor and the desired

      to change spread rate edit mod and edit script handle spreadRate in init modify SPREAD_RATE_MAX and MIN volts maximum between 0.00625 and 10 equals 625 to 60000 kg / ha
      minimum 0.0025 and 1

      for edit mod first unzip in mods folder and launch game, in game (key esc , and ctrl+o for open folder choose mod intro change to editor scroll down choose controller mark and search , for edit scrpt ctrl+e) is very easy

      For some reason I don't understand it works at all except the Exacta spreaders for the moment you can only choose the filltype but at the end of the tank it does not restart the load

      note : change with notepad all kultistrip xml

      <category id="fert" />
      <capability value="FERT" />
      this allows to avoid the failure in tasks of fieldWork done when the field is already worked
      • 20191003122230_1.jpg

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    • When I have published the trailers for chaff update I have seen a comment in which the download was not completed by auto is because copying and pasting scripts has its problems in this case a condition is not met correctly and the error is in the sync_unload script you have to edit it and add the condition false and set fill level 0 with this the problem is fixed since although there is calculation error at the end it changes to 0 and the automatic process continues
    • Hi @XYZSPAIN,

      great that you write this here and correct a mistake, even with the description how to do that ...I'm a blind chicken in this area, could be that there are other blind chickens here in the forum that can not.Would you be so nice and would change that and provide the changed version here again?I say thank you !!!!!Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!


      The text is written with the Google translator.