links to mods for test and other features

    • round baler can not be operated with the current controllers ie 'bale factory' is designed to make solid only one type the square with what could only be made of 0.7 meters high if the data is changed does not work and if you can generate but when collecting them the following occurs

      therefore it is necessary either to modify the controller or a new one in both cases I can not do it

      as for the round bale model if it can be done but when loading it, the game always attaches the default textures with what you have to wait for changes by MBB

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    • hi, since a while ago that I am disconnected is why to put them to the day of the next model.

      It comes originally and this is almost 10 years ago the Scania Topline with several engines here is only for testing and to learn a little more about the creation of mods from the great work that MBB has done in the tractors Claas and MB trac is a complicated part since we are still in beta but especially for the large amount of textures necessary to create a model of this type.

      In principle there will be two heads of an axle traction and another with an auxiliary and another assembly with 4 axles of which only 1 has traction this is the first model since the independent suspension has been complicated since the editor only allows 4 real wheels remaining are joints with suspension created by freedom in the joints and masses to compensate for the deformation

      Regarding the interior has only been cleaned and retouched as it has undergone many changes over the years the meshes have also been rebuilt cleaned and repaired to reach up to 78000 polygons in the heavier version

      If someone is interested in creating content for this model, you can open a private converasation and the project will be sent to you (complete now 0.3 Gbytes) in the current state of the requested date
      • 20190208195745_1.jpg

        306.75 kB, 1,680×1,050, viewed 92 times

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    • hi, this is the first version with 5 models of which you can make many since each has unique scalable pieces
      It is also included as always the textures in krita and blender model
      only a model has fully functional wheels since for now only particles, tracks and other effects can be applied to the original MBB wheels and each model can only include 4 (I hope that in the future change) :thumbdown:
      - AO in some pieces is not correct
      - dirt in round tanks created with blender scripts of rectangular tanks have some deformation in the textures
      - attach to trailer it is necessary to reload the model or place the truck on the right side of the trailer (we still have problems when one model invades the vertical space of another invalidating the attach HKL and Krogër trailers) ?(

      Panel is not the original but for now I do not know how to include the set of textures of the original dashboard that I have achieved in high resolution :?:

      500 HP engine with Axion sound since I have not got another according to the characteristics of the game, 10 speeds and cruise control 4 points 2500 rpm and a high consumption because it is a test model and here we do not care about the price of fuel :P

      link mod

      link model

      Effect caused by the difference in mass between the two front end blocks and adjust dampers front and rear suspension this is very normal in European trucks due to the concentration of weight in the front

      this variant was not planned but yesterday after spending 2 hours looking vertices I found the cut point without reforming textures

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    • I am preparing the update of the trailers to the new shaders.

      In one or two weeks will be all and some new with parts of others will also change the attach of Scania and dolly to BALL to avoid two attachments of the same type in the area for now have not activated the specific for trucks although it is in the config From the beginning
      Here I leave you some shots of the Strauman shader modified for others, finally a scalable and configurable dynamic plane more or less
    • I have finished the trailers, containers and dollys
      Other colors and combinations available from the editor since they are all included in the update which for now is 300 mb

      1. albedo and reflection textures
      2. added fill mesh new to all
      3. objects for grain and chaft or swath have the old textures since the new one is not compatible with grain
      4. objects with grids carry the new
      5. revision springs and diameter wheels lowered to 1200 mm for trailers, 1100 mm for dollies and trucks
      6. trailers for dollys and trucks attach changed to BALL freedom joints 25, 85, 15 rear attach trailers towPin 30, 50, 15
      7. Quick slot icons to play without info
      8. auto tarp at 100% of the load or manual for all containers

      Containers for now I have only managed to change the status of the HKL to download, that is, sent the information (SetParentMachineState) to change the operating mode so that when the download is pressed on both objects (key 8, 7) both download and at the end it performs the change of state but only in manual since for some reason that I do not understand (SendParentUserActionMessage) does not work

      the next week is for the Scania add air filter vertical exhaust and what you can from the inside

    • new possibility to use slurry tanker assenbly with transport type joints for now there is no control of the independent tanks that is to say not to consume you have to dettach

      so that it can be used with different tractors has to be for the roof and extend the supports by means of userActions for each model, for now it is only an idea for some models that I have with front tanks in sketch

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    • modifications in kverneland plows finished

      for some problem I lost the original textures of the last update Kverneland so I changed them by modifying the shaders so that it is possible to add texture parts separately

      albedo color and tone change
      reflection several possibilities in each channel
      dirt with its independent texture on an alpha layer

      now start with the tubes, tanks and planters for packers in the future surely the Mini Air or other
    • hi after some problems with the dimensions in the triggers finally begins to have the appearance of the go with what to work although the front attach has not been corrected in years and continues with an unreal rendering and the RayCast do not understand or not They work as I think since it is impossible to level, anyway, so it is good for me now, only the happy tubes remain, I hope to find a way to match the tractors that I have (I guess for a week more)

      some shots to see if MBB is already starting to give us simpler models but with interaction between them
    • 8o Another Great Job, Awesome to have you In Cattle & Crops from the beginning. I hope the Game keeps up after next patch or Finaly after the final version. till then I cant wait whats next comming from your creative site. :thumbsup:

      Sry if my English sounds strange Im not so good in it. :/

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    • the model is already finished now I will prepare the kverneland 6 and then surely the Nova
      Pto in DF2 there is no way to render it correctly due to lack of attachments so it is eliminated

      in field 4 the results are as follows

      90 kg of seed and 30 of fertilizer I think I will increase the fertilizer consumption although this part I do not master
    • In the end I found a way to connect other tractors although it is only compatible with models with frontLoader attach
      for models not compatible with the Axion, that is to say, almost all of them since the frontal attach does not behave correctly, a fixed tank is included in a high position that will be the equivalent to the models with hydr. Fan and electronic control for seed feeder

      The tubes ,plows and hoppers are equipped with many controls type cabControl some assets directly and others must be activated.

      is beta pack like the game that is to say you have to follow some rules so that it works correctly since the triggers are continuously active and connect to any other compatible that is within a radius of 3 meters

      in automatic if it works once all the objects have been prepared
      Savegame does not accept it, that is, it generates errors

      I have to finish textures and other pieces but I think I can upload it this weekend
    • we are already doing the last tests for now only use the AXION and the Deutz of 'REVO26' since the others are missing attach or because of the weight they do not render correctly

      a new possibility has arisen to have the triggers in transport can not run any function but as they are always active they allow them to be filled in progress

      ank loading process is done maintaining a distance greater than a tractor between them since otherwise they activate those that are not and you can have a good time until the load once loaded you have to make a dettach to erase the trading screen
    • @Nachtfalke what you see is a tractor in manual and another in car seeding once you find the point you connect normal cruise and fill the tanks, it is just a render to see other possibilities is necessary a model with tubes, particles and different boxes of seeds so that it is possible to program it

      now I will upload it to modhoster but for the inpatients

      1 choose the hopper (for now there are only 2) :D
      2 fake tanks
      3 fill them
      4 tubes and fake feeder
      5 proper implement
      6 tube position adjustment for the automatic connection of the tanks
      7 schedule the task (it is only necessary to include the front and rear attachment) or work in manual :thumbsup:

      I hope you do not have too many problems. The most important thing is to remember that the triggers are always active so that you avoid placing the seeds together.
      in case of contamination of the tanks of the seeder run emptying of the tanks and automatically connect again