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    • round baler can not be operated with the current controllers ie 'bale factory' is designed to make solid only one type the square with what could only be made of 0.7 meters high if the data is changed does not work and if you can generate but when collecting them the following occurs

      therefore it is necessary either to modify the controller or a new one in both cases I can not do it

      as for the round bale model if it can be done but when loading it, the game always attaches the default textures with what you have to wait for changes by MBB

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    • hi, since a while ago that I am disconnected is why to put them to the day of the next model.

      It comes originally and this is almost 10 years ago the Scania Topline with several engines here is only for testing and to learn a little more about the creation of mods from the great work that MBB has done in the tractors Claas and MB trac is a complicated part since we are still in beta but especially for the large amount of textures necessary to create a model of this type.

      In principle there will be two heads of an axle traction and another with an auxiliary and another assembly with 4 axles of which only 1 has traction this is the first model since the independent suspension has been complicated since the editor only allows 4 real wheels remaining are joints with suspension created by freedom in the joints and masses to compensate for the deformation

      Regarding the interior has only been cleaned and retouched as it has undergone many changes over the years the meshes have also been rebuilt cleaned and repaired to reach up to 78000 polygons in the heavier version

      If someone is interested in creating content for this model, you can open a private converasation and the project will be sent to you (complete now 0.3 Gbytes) in the current state of the requested date
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