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      @seederman we are in a beta version therefore there are errors that MBB will correct and others I will not go into the reason and on the other hand there are the external models to which MBB does not care and I as a modeler in a beta version I will not correct the errors of each update
      I have checked it in field 28 and if what you say the solution is to disconnect and reconnect 'Q' twice with it ends the line and starts again correctly I have done it 3 times to finish the field, the technical explanation you have in previous post from last year

      Ok many thanks will try that. nice mods you make btw
    • updated HKL and containers

      texts and icons
      joint attach radio HKL
      recalculated rotations
      dirt color
      error in tank shape col that caused the particles to come out of the box

      transfer function for HKL
      unbranded trailer for bales and containers with auto attach for transport
      tarpaulin for all containers auto and manual
      note: it is highly recommended to disable the dettach of the objects that are not going to be disconnected when approaching a new one
    • @FarmerJK here I have only seen it in the hawe using a rather complicated way to build it, I have not achieved it and MBB has opted for 'shape Keys' something that has been used for years for the ease of animating vertices, even though it takes a lot of time to achieve a real behavior of the load of the trailer and at the end the discharge of the delta cap it's not very interesting, in short you need scripts to move the vertices of the plane realistically and my knowledge does not reach as much
    • after many laps and to read a lot here I leave you as the animations are done with two methods
      1 directly the mesh
      2 with an armature

      1 is created in blender as it is logical the animation (fundamental to know this)
      2 is exported to the editor and the model is registered (that says it in the api of C4 I have no idea how this is done) solution opens a model already registered ie (claas quadrant or Lely is deleted everything unnecessary and sticks our model or the model is assembled here
      3 in the video you can see the two examples of animation which uses armature requires a very accurate placement of the bones and an appropriate size to be seen in the editor as in blender, however in the case of direct animation comes out well the first however does not place it exactly in its place in the editor (see shoot) but in the game if it is placed well
      4 Once the MDL and ANIM files are available, to watch the video to generate them, the animation node is edited and the path to our files is indicated and although I did not believe it, the nodes are loaded correctly and it works incredibly
    • news

      - dirt 60%
      - scripts swath cutting and particles modifications liner and others for six rotors
      - scripts swath cutting and particles modifications liner and others for six rotors
      - icons for user actions 80%
      - textures and decals almost finished to lack of color check
      - animation theoretically raised in the absence of checking in blender

      I would need a control panel to avoid filling the icon screen but for now I do not have enough knowledge
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      as the first version is almost finished, it only needs textures correction and I publish it I suppose that the weekend or the next week will be available

      the scripts sure not everyone will agree but it works in the following way

      entry in closed mode with the protections of the tines up to 2 mts according to the manufacturer freedom of movement in the final part of the rotor 6 degrees and the wheels in automatic steering mode and almost all the disables functions

      opening in the middle is 10 meters one pulse in extrude

      total opening 19 mts two pulsation in extrude

      once opened if not pressed transport alternates between 10 and 19 meters always

      enable rotors only with transport mode disabled and lower false without this the script aborts enable rotors

      possibility change width swath 0.8 mts to 1.8 mts more or less

      possibility of eliminating in automatic frontal or central rotors to be able to generate 3 rows of swath or only 1

      height regulation tines only with rotors disabled to avoid breaking the tines

      steering modes
      auto , off (remember that tractor and implement must be aligned for 0º otherwise it is forced to manual position) ,auto inverted

      in working mode freedom of the joints

      main arms 6 º, secondary arms and rotors 8 º, dollies support arms 180 º, dollys rotors 180 º and from speed greater than 8 remain fixed at 0 º to avoid problems in the simulation

      with all this the simulation at low speed is quite fluid considering that there are almost 70,000 polygons the animations are made with 15 arms in 280 frames rear and 13 arms 150 frames the central and front I hope there are no problems with low levels of FPS

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      I have already finished


      scripts for transport and work with AI helper checked in field 47 (in AI mode the width is limited to 12 meters) in manual mode more options


      there is no model image in the store since the crash editor (is so large that it does not enter :D )

      I think it's because the ensanblaje is made open , anyway ask MBB

      solution choose an place player in field

      once when reloading a game started this has happened

      solution reload model

      in automatic the computer follows the steps and waits for the marked times to perform the assigned functions
      in manual it is possible that if many options are requested at the same time ?( some movements are lost because the timers have not finished and can not validate the operations please patience and enjoy

      Merry Christmas to all :) :) :)