links to mods for test and other features

    • Nice work as always ;)
      Those morph fill is only going to work for the grains? And you still need that voxel systems with terrain blocks for corn?
      I'm trying to get my silage wagon working, but currently not really succesfull :D
      ATM i copied those terrain blocks from the HAWE, but theyre too large for my smaller silage trailer. Do you make them in Blender too?
    • for what I have understoud They are entended to be use for every filltype in the futur...
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    • the two methods are valid with the scripts of each one, ie voxel changes the alpha from visible to invisible for each mesh but it occupies many more triangles and for now in the tests it does not look correct for grain and the morph is an animation similar to LS but with more control and it is more difficult to control the sum of the positions in the different keys.

      both have one more problem and that is that you need a script that has control over the height since silage can be used extensions but in grain and fertilizer not which the script should take into account the filltype to load

      the krampe 900 is finished now it's up to the 550 and 700 with left and rear side discharge if I can before the children's holidays start since we move house and I do not have Internet
    • everything you need is here
      open dae in blender and place at the appropriate scale the mesh correct keys if desired and apply scale and rotation to 1 before exporting to editor in this replace the current one mesh but not eliminate locator marker just place in the new fillMesh ,and tie it to the 4 nodes (init, filMesh, cancelMesh, tankControler) connect or create unload script suitable for your model
    • thank you very much sir! Respect for all the work youre doing. I´m still struggling to get all working, but slowly but surely making progress :D

      What do you mean with, not elimante locator makrer and tie it to the 4 nodes? I dont have an example mod with this like you. You maybe have a screenshot for me? I mean, the fillmesh has to be placed in the terrainblock modifier? And that terrainblockmodifier needs those 4 nodes?)
      Well i will wait until you finish it, then i can copy the scripting stuff XD

      Ok, I tried it with current script, and of course it doenst work. But i've the same problem i had with the terrainblocks/voxel system. My wagon start flying when im filling it. You maybe know the reason? (and my fillvolume is displayd uncorrectly but thats because of the wrong script/connectors i think).
      Second problem: my decals are not working on transparancy for some reason.

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    • the unload.wld that is in the zip you have to copy it to your tank but the fillMesh does not correspond since it is not correct in measurements once you have corrected the dae you export it and place it in the tank and select all the markers of the other fillMesh and drag them to the new asign properties and connect them to the scripts that the unload.wld has.
      this editor allows copying and pasting in many ways
      the problem of flying is the effect of the weight of the load I still do not understand but I know how to eliminate the problem you have to eliminate an axle in the physics but not in the drawing for it studies the TMR 34 in which you will see that the two axles if They are real, but the wheels are not, because the rear wheels copy the rotation of the front wheels, but they are still exclaves of the suspension of the rear axle and tailgate collision more weight than frame for equilibrate physics

      Regarding the decals you must import the texture as a transparent background and then make sure that in the flags tab it is also marked
    • morph is not in the editor generated blender when exporting the mesh with collada or opengex and when you import it already comes with the controller applied

      today I finish the krampe with two models and upload it tonight that way and you will understand it better but you must generate the fillMesh in blender if it does not work
    • add plugim opengex for blender you have only two options

      look at the capture of the previous page you just have to import the dae to adapt the scale and SHIFT + A rotation and scale with it and everything is to 1 export and import in the editor
      if the mesh is correct in controller you should see the keys and a slider if you move it you see the effect directly in the editor if you do not have them is that you have done something wrong
    • krampe big body 750 and 900 with extensions 0.6 mts

      scripts from joskin adapted for rear and left unload

      morph controller for load plane

      rope controller for hydraulic conections

      all fruitTypes

      In the test ingame for grain discharge cut at 80 % load plane but in some case if it is true that it reaches 100 % which is incorrect I understand that this control does MBB since I do not have a script to do it right now but it is correct to do this since the density of the product changes and therefore the weight too

      link mod

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    • I get the Krampe on Modhoster. Use download with uploaded, for a little "Thank you".

      Sorry, for my english!
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