links to mods for test and other features

    • update kverneland visio 200

      added :

      Mesh particle
      lower/raise user action

      bonus Rau disc Tiller company Vicon kverneland group


      new modification from Mb_trac version 0.8


      front attacher to pin,ball,frontloader, show/hide hydraulics and hose conections

      rear attacher frontloader for Hecklader implement modification, post in first page

      note: for the moment double wheel tracks and ps missing scripts


      modification from FL-100 Claas

      changed textures and scale body and others parts for greater displacement


    • updates for Lemken Juwel coming soon

      remesh and added new parts and scripts modifications added sound cultivator thanks MBB others sounds testing

      new version game has added problems in the weight of my models but thanks to the possibility of increasing weight in the front hitch is not serious

      for edit models MBB or Maps please visit web page Luigi Auriemma

      For many years now it has allowed us to understand how to create mods for games

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    • Thank you very much, and if I have already managed to implement the Lemken scripts in the kverneland, the Mod will be available soon in Modhoster

      he front can be converted to 2 or 4 plows, it must be taken into account that the model 6_F is the one that controls the working width from the XML

      There are some mistakes but the important thing is to be careful with traffic and buildings
    • is normal because my models work with freedoms in the joints to adapt to the terrain we speak of 5 degrees normal in reality however in the game lemken works fixed and is regulated by software while I do it by physics which for now they take it pretty bad in MBB, also I have a problem of contamination in the scripts when there are several equal objects in different phases of work is why when one is in transport and another in the field there is something in the scripts that cause these interferences.

      It may also be that the problem is different, that is to say a regulation of the top link in the plow to maintain the high position according to the tractor that you are using, that is to say with the claas arion it is placed at the minimum and with bigger tractors you have to connect adjust disconnect and reconnect to save the high position until tractor is changed, video lemken juwel flexpack the first seconds you see how to adjust the high position
    • kverneland ploughs updates and new versions front and back

      I have tried it and with the possibility of adjusting a bit the Upper link does not work correctly .the front and rear arms or the top link do not have the correct measurements .
      it is true that the models are adapted to claas but still there is much difference

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    • process to create the textures without payment software

      download blend file with one modell for layer , made with blender cycles there are no textures since it is not necessary that is to say albedo is obtained by bake of the materials ,basic specular materials the same and AO after with the SSbump Map generator the AO is loaded and the height map is obtained that each one decides according to your impresions

      in graphical editor the basic specular (red and green channel) is loaded and the blue channel of the height map is added and the final specular is obtained, it is not perfect but it is simple.

      in the C4 editor it loads
      height map to process the normals
      final specular

      for the dirt I have not yet managed to add the layer to the alpha of the specular and what I have achieved is not worth it if someone can explain me how, it would help me a lot
    • new set-up of the MB double since the 1.4 since it did not work and crashed when hooking some objects is normal, but not in the changelog if they have changed many things in the scripts of the tractors some agree I do not agree but the important thing is that if you see a good programming capability which I have always seen in the German teams on the other hand have not worked much in the field like me so it is normal to see some errors of concept but little by little it will be changing all functions working
    • to continue with Kverneland company that I like a lot because there is a lot of information to create models and taking advantage of old models I have recovered the small seeder MiniAir Nova which was quite successful in the LS, it took me a bit to convert the textures and make the vertex colors for the movement, in summary I think the result is fine, according to the acceptance I will see if there will be a second version with 6 more seeders.

      has been assembled following the planter of the game but with some modifications

      link to mod:

      I'll upload it to Modhoster shortly
    • Hi XYZSPAIN, great job once more, I have change the <supportsThreePointTurn value="true" /> in the .xml file so it can make a turn manevre at the line end ...
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      Mein Deutsch ist nicht perfekt, Danke für ihr Verständnis...
    • Habe einen Fehler, kann jemand übersetzen?
      Have a Bug, kann anyone translate?

      German --> english??

      Problem with Lemken FlexPack.
      Display Spoiler

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    • @Buttermaker


      Ok, bin mit dem großen Claas auf der Hofseite mit dem Silo die Straße etwas runter (kurz vor dem Punkt wo links der Straße 5 Birken stehen)
      und habe dann auf dem rechtem Grünstreifen den in dem Moment offenen Lemken Flex zugeklappt und dann auf Transportstellung gebracht.
      Und genau in dem Moment wo ich UserAction ("support foot" oder Stütze senken?) anklickte,
      hat es mich schlagartig aus dem Spiel geschmissen. Samt Fehlermeldung von C&C.

      Vielleicht kann mal jemand gegen prüfen. Ob die Stütze ein Problem hat, oder der Fehler bei meiner Installation zu suchen ist.

      Sorry, wenn ich mein englisch genutzt hätte, hätte ich wohl einen Teller Erbsensuppe bestellt.
      Das ist einfach zu schlecht um so etwas zu beschreiben. ;)

      Ich weiß nicht ob wichtig, vorne hatte ich TheCoCe`s Claas-Gewicht dran hängen.
      War aber UserAction vom Lemken, den ich drückte.
      Display Spoiler

      CoolerMaster HAF-X I CoolerMaster 1000W RS-A00-ESBA Netzteil I
      I7 3930K normal getaktet (nur bei "Bedarf" 4,2Ghz@ standart Vcore)
      Asus x79 Sabertooth I G-Skill Ares 1866 Ram 2x8Gb I Zotac 1070 mini I
      500GB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 auf DeLockadapter I 4x2TB Raid10
      CPU Wassergekühlt (selbst zusammengestellte Kühlung)

      I7 6700HQ I GTX1070 I 17,3" FullHD I 16GB DDR4 I 512GB M.2SSD
    • Ok, @tgs_wort had the problem when he left the farm on the side of the silo with the big claas and an open lemken flex and he stopped on then green nearby the five birches to close the lemken in order to bring it into transport position.
      Just when he clicked on the user action support foot the game crashed with an report to MBB.
      So he askes if someone could check it again, if the support foot makes some problems or otherwise that his installation could cause the problem.
      A further important information could be, that he had mounted TheCoces flex weight at the front.
    • Lemken does not have the changes in the scripts made by MBB in version 1.4 can be copied from a kverneland packomat in these changes MBB has added an init entry in almost all scripts I think that to activate multiplayer you have to be sure of the initial position .

      Another error that has is in the turns to the right in transport can cause a jump position by a collision that I could not resolve and that was not in version 1.3 to avoid it must edit handleGetReadyTransport and in "activate" change settings max steering angle to 0 in "change settings wheelJoint",
      but in the tests does not cause a crash just fly out to another position
      in the case of the MBtrac if it caused a crash when hooked due to the multiple changes made by MBB in the tractors of the game in version 1.4, that is why now the Upper Link has a freedom of movement that was not previously

      we must bear in mind that each time an update is made something is lost because we are still with a beta version anyway after tomorrow's update I will review the scripts of the models to verify that they are still valid with the previous version since from 1.3 to 1.4 much has changed in the programming in fact it seems that they are made by different people

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    • small advances in scripts, it seems that the 'show geometry' controller does not respect the Object ID, however 'enable Node' if it also allows it in the case of the MB, so that the attach is not made when it is disabled

      Nova 2 is finished, for now missing scripts but anyway the AI does not allow other functions.
      I have had problems to add wheels so they are all copies of the main ones, I would like to know why they cause so many problems the wheels and the Joints but for now it is what there is
      will soon be on Modhoster Nova2 and MBtrac
    • Making models is more or less easy but playing is not mine. You can share the missions and upload them in some way or i need to seed and grow corn to test the trailers?
      thanks for your comments

      pictures to new HAWE with add-ons

      suspension according to the level of load for now is basic but I think it can be improved
      added new particles for better simulation discharge
      test colours acoording with tractor colour…product-169224-27364.html
    • first you have to have knowledge level medium photo editor and some 3d progam

      second zip unzip models to edit if they are mine I can offer the textures and the original blender according to the model we speak of 100 Mb at 300 Mb which takes time to upload and download from the server but it is only time

      third inverse engineering advanced knowledge of programming to dismantle games and access hidden parts for other levels must remember that it is owned by other people and can never be used for commercial purposes

      fourth if you are going to use LS or ETS models or another simulator it is necessary to leave the permit or make many modifications so that it is only used as a project base and of course download and install all the necessary editors in order to make an export to OBJ with what you can always fit the textures which is not recommended since here is PBR and does not like the photos stuck

      basic level for small changes is to edit the model in C4 if you can open the textures make a capture of the albedo and modify it by colors taking into account the scale of the texture and then import it again for example the Claas you can do something similar to another but the decals is a different theme and the logical thing is to create them in 2d and 3d and put them back

      check the posts from the first sheet and little by little I think you can do something if you come from the LS here everything is different and if you are a beginner and you want to learn it is a pretty good engine although there are better ones, for me it is not the right one since you will need many changes in the Kernel to be able to do everything that is wanted but I hope that MBB arrives until the end .They have very good professionals they must be left time
    • this is the last the weekend will be available in modhoster and here the original textures and the sheets to be able to continue if someone wants it on my part the idea is to make a dolly for trailers and if I can a Scania taking advantage of pieces of other models although I am waiting for authorization of some modders to not have to do everything.
      • cnc_20180427_005536_08.jpg

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