Steam Pre-Download Available?

  • Steam Pre-Download Available?


    I'm Very Eager for this games early access release in a few months, And I was just wondering will anyone who selected to get a Steam Key be able to pre-Download the game a couple of days before and then have it unlocked on the day of the early access release? I don't mind ether way, its just steam can sometimes be a real pain at downloading big and more complex games.

    Anyway Good luck with development,

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  • by the standard of game size (GB download size) of modern games I think EA C&C will be quite small initially, and not the size one may associate with the need to pre-download, given in a way Steam is the main decider in if something is going to be pre-download or not, e.g. games that 1: have sold huge amounts on Steam and 2: have a large download size can if needed be pre-download to avoid huge server load upon release for the top AAA games.

    likewise I see them working on it right up to the last minute, so any build you may get a week before, and given there may be no delta patching in the early stages, so would require downloading the whole thing again, as things like delta patching tend to come later, when things are more settled and less prone to large changes.