The Ai is good, but here are two problems that occurred

  • The Ai is good, but here are two problems that occurred

    I am enjoying this Linux game. I recommend others to buy it and support the developers. :)

    The Ai that follows you around with a trailer is good but not perfect.
    If it was perfect, it would be less fun. it's funny to see the Ai trailer do weird u-turns and occasionally bump into you, just like it's funny to see a cop run over a pedestrian in GTA.

    Here are some Ai issues that could use some work:

    Here a full trailer AI is stuck trying to move past an empty trailer AI. To fix it I controlled the empty trail and moved it out of the way. Once I controlled the empty trailer the AI would not move it again.

    Here the AI trailer is stuck in a traffic Jam. eventually the White Van despawned and the trailer became unstuck.

    Later the last working Ai follower trailer completely stopped. When I walked over and looked at the it the driver was missing.

    Keep up the good work devs! :)
  • Thanks for the screenshots and description!

    Yeah, the AI still has some rough edges, but we're still working on it so eventually the AI should be able to avoid or solve these kind of problems :)

    In the second screenshot, I wonder why the camping van and that other car are standing there, on the wrong side of the street/next to the street - was there some kind of crash before this?