For a tech demo, so far so good

  • caedes wrote:

    Hi, glad you like it!

    Can you tell us some details about falling out of the world? Can you reproduce the problem easily or does it happen randomly? Where does it happen?
    Which trailer (connected to which tractor) vibrated and fell through the floor (and where)?

    Thanks :)

    Hi caedes,

    Here is a screen-shot of Falling To Through The World:

    It occurred after finishing the first mission. I believe it was trying to spawn me sitting in a tractor but the tractor was missing.
    it was reoccurring when i closed and restarted the game. I fixed it by deleting the Save Folder. I am unable to recreate it today.


    Here is a picture of the upside down glitched vibrating trailer. the issue occurred when i accidentally lowered the bucket arm like i was going to crush the trailer. (I was using the 8 and 9 key to control the bucket arm).


    Here is a picture, if me trying to recreate it again today. The machines were positioned like this. I was unable to get it to reoccur.


    Here is another weird thing I noticed. In the zoomed preview window there was a this string gray smoke/dirt moving on the blades, like it was a part of an animation if the blade moving through the dirt.