Tech-Demo Release v0.0.9.6 - Changelog

    • Tech-Demo Release v0.0.9.6 - Changelog

      Today we have a bug fix update for you which deals with some of the issues you have reported. Also some improvements have been implemented that were inspired by your feedback. You can see the details in our changelog as always.

      We thank you for testing and wish you a pleasant weekend!

      Changelog v0.0.9.6:

      • NEW: The mirrors of vehicles can be enabled and disabled in the graphics options
      • NEW: Confirmation message when starting a new map
      • NEW: Cows are now chased away by a vehicle's horn

      • BUG FIX: The doors of the Betimax can be closed again
      • BIG FIX: The bulls stay in the Betimax and don’t stick their heads through the walls of the vehicle
      • BUG FIX: The mission condition window isn’t displayed with activated mouse cursor. As a result, a vehicle doesn’t simply drive on when a hint is displayed
      • BUG FIX: The light property has been adjusted for all LOD stages, lights don’t flicker any longer when switching between stages of detail

      • CHANGE: The animal mission has been reworked. For example the waypoints have been optimized and the feeding sites extended
      • CHANGE: The condition of the UserAction (active/inactive) is now also displayed when the UserAction has no slider
      • CHANGE: UserActions are transferred from the vehicle to the attached machinery, so the CornKing and its attachment for example are unfolded synchronously and the corn header Orbis 900 is switched on and off by the Jaguar and is therefore in sync as well
    • I will just ask here. Should AI for harvesting work even without a Harvesting mission on this version?

      Because I tried it today. Bought Arion, Jaguar and trailer. Then I hired one person and bought one field. When I started harvesting his navigation lines did come up, but he was just spinning around in circles and wasn't able to follow even though ai lines were drawn as they should be.
    • TheCoCe wrote:

      Spinning in circles usually means it can't reach the next checkpoint. If you see the AI driving in circles just manually drive him away a little so it can reach the next checkpoint.
      Well if I intervene and drive it to next point. It doesn't help. I however haven't tried to drive it completely away.

      Another situation when AI goes dead is:
      1. Park tractor with trailer near field you don't own
      2. Unfold and startup harvester
      3. Try to harvest (yes it will be unsuccessful)
      4. Now buy that field
      5. Try to call AI -> no go. His first checkpoint stays drawn there for ever, even if I respawn tractor)
    • I think primarily, you don't need to have hired worker/s, for harvesting (if you drive Jaguar yourself). You should have one or two Axions with trailer/s.
      When you reach edge of the field with Jaguar, the button for calling transport (in user action menu-trailer emblem with an arrow aiming forward) might highlight. When you hit it, transport will start to follow you. You can pause him, or call out by other user action buttons.

      Second option. Unfortunatelly you can't send worker in Jaguar only via task menu, for now. You must use command console see this thread Tech-Demo Release v0.0.9.5 - Changelog (The CoCe's post No. 8). This is for testing and training to drive tractor during harvest.

      Third option is to hire two workers and give them task harvest and add worker to Jaguar and another one to Axion. And send them to harvest on your owned field.
      Edit: Unfortunatelly I was not much successful on the first attempt, because Jaguar went quite well, but tractor (respectively tractor's AI) was not able to follow Jaguar correctly, he stopped in the field and Jaguar was waiting and nothing more had happend. Now I found out why it was. I set field entry south.
      Now I tried this option again and without setting field entry in task manager tab. Everything went well. You must just attach trailer first and after it, worker starts to go on his job. Worker of Jaguar can attach it's cutter himself.
      This option means, that you won't take part of harvest or as another transport vehicle.

      CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz
      GPU Type - Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R9 280X 3,072 GB GDDR5
      GPU Driver - Radeon Software Version 17.12.1
      RAM - 8 GB
      Win 7 64bit

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