Front Weight ingame

    • I will try to do so, but I did so much that I need to reproduce it to see if I can do it again.
      But wat I did is open the lemken mod and find out what you need to have to hitch it to the tractor.

      To get the model in the editor is the easy part import the textures and the dea file of the model.

      Use the lemken mod to find out what you need. When I know more I will post it
    • here is a picture of the setup in the editor and how the xml looks.
      the xml work but there is no store picture and logo of manufacturer
      dont. know how to set the weight. in the front of the tracktor its not hannging right in de back it is oke

      XML Source Code: weight.xml

      1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
      2. <modification type="implement">
      3. <manufacturer name="Self made" logo="logos/self_made" />
      4. <name>Gewicht</name>
      5. <category id="weig" />
      6. <series id="Self_Made" />
      7. <world file="gewicht2" />
      8. <shop price="3200" icon="Gewichtshop" />
      9. <!-- <capability value="FLWK" /> -->
      10. <description stringId="DESC" />
      11. <supportsThreePointTurn value="true" />
      12. <workWidth type="manual" value="1.8" />
      13. <workDepth value="-0.12" frictionOffset="0.0" />
      14. <maxHelperSpeed value="40" />
      15. <vehicleDrive type="VehicleNoDrive" />
      16. </modification>
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    • newbienearcologne wrote:

      Hi Jovink, have you solve the problem with the logo and picture in the store? Here my soloution but not sure if this is the right way:

      - I have used a picture like *.dds and open it in for example
      - Change the size if neccessary to 512x512 Pixel and save it as a *.png file
      - Copy the *.png file to the "...\My Games\Cattle And Crops\Mod-Import\" folder
      - Then I use the point "Import Texture" in the C4 Tools Menu and choose the *.png file
      - If the Import was succesfull you get a file named like the png but with tex at the end in the Folder "...\My Games\Cattle And Crops\Mods\"
      - Copy this file to your mod folder under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cattle and Crops\Game\Win64\Assets\Data\Mods\machines\..."
      - In the XML file change the path behind icon= to your mod file path and attach the name of the *.tex file but without the ".tex"

      For the logo I didn't find out the correct size and way it didn't look nice in shop menu still yet.

      Have you made the model in the C4 engine or in blender or? It's not easy to work with world editor.

      But I like to learn it to make some mods for myself or change things for myself. But I think scripting would be easier for me, but we will see.

      I already got the pictures and logo's right. Now I am working on a mod from MonkeyWalk he did post it here in the German forum Link there we made also animations and lights. If you want to start modding you need to create a 3d model in blender make textures. Then you can import it all in the c4 editor to let it work ingame. We did it all find out by trying, and looking at the lemken and mb track to see how stuf works. There are still now tutorials.

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    • Hey jovink , leuk om je terug te zien in cattle and crops. ziet er goed uit als eerste frontweight selfmade voor Cattle and crops ;)
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