Class Jaguar 900

  • Class Jaguar 900

    So there are quite some buggs with the Jaguar. I did not find any bugg repport about them here so i might as well write the ones i have found.

    *I can''t enter the jaguar by pressing the E button.

    *When you break hard the tires slipps alot and easily, even when driving upp the "hills" in the parkour part of the testing map it started spinning.

    *When outisde the tutorial and i try to harvest nothing comes out from the harvester even though it is cutting down plants and i have an AI that's driving behind me. (even when there is not a trailer nearby i would like it too spit out grass.)

    *The header and harvester does not seem to be in sync with eachother. the header bumps around wile the harvester does not.

    *The "edge" on the field is to hard so when I drive down with the harvester I get stuck because of the elevation differences.

    *The sound of the harvester really isen't that good. The start up sound does not have time to finish before it goes to the running sound. The ordinary sound (after going to youtube and listening to some clips) is quite off in my opinion.

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