Tech demo release v0.0.9.4 - Changelog

    • Tech demo release v0.0.9.4 - Changelog

      Today we present you the seasonable corn chopping update. There is a new quest and more machines (Claas Jaguar 960, Claas Axion 940, Hawe SLW 50T).

      Regarding the fill planes in the trailer we can say that we could implement half of “Move that mountain.” The system is based on the voxel technology which enables dynamic filling and the realistic creation of heaps. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of work to be done to make the process of loading and unloading even more realistic and to further improve the performance.

      The silo for storage is located behind the farmyard. We have implemented a simple heap version there at the moment, a pile that grows out of the ground, according to the fill level. The voxel technology will also be deployed there later.

      We had to rework the basics of the AI, which took up a lot of time. The sections headland, turning maneuver, chopping and transport also belong in this area. For the beginning it is possible to operate the harvester and in the quest the AI takes care of the transport.

      The new graphics options for shadows and FOV (Field of View) improve the performance and give you more individual means to ideally adjust Cattle and Crops to your system.

      We have also revised the system for the bending and snapping of plants. This becomes noticeable in the destruction of fruit as well as in the interaction of chopper and plant.

      For more improvements (e.g. in the modding section), fixed bugs and other changes, please take a look at our changelog.

      The next update will introduce animals and feeding in Cattle and Crops. Following this we will implement more bug fixes and improvements to then start the official Early Access phase. CnC will then also be available via Steam. Further steps will be the optimization of work processes, new machines and crop variety.

      We hope you have fun testing and look forward to your feedback!

      • NEW: Tractor Claas Axion 940
      • NEW: Trailer Hawe SLW 50T
      • NEW: Forage harvester Claas Jaguar 960 + corn header Orbis 900
      • NEW: Silage heap behind the farmyard
      • NEW: Mod support has been reworked: Mods are saved in Documents/My Games/Cattle and Crops/Mods and can now be changed in the editor
      • NEW: Dynamic engine-based fill objects: voxel technology makes filling dynamic and the creation of heaps more realistic
      • NEW: Sidebar buttons for the Jaguar: special user actions for calling/dismissing a chaser trailer
      • NEW: Slider “Steering sensitivity” in the control settings which adjusts, how fast the steering is supposed to go back to its normal state
      • NEW: Graphics option “Shadow”: Shadow values can now be adjusted in stages (Off, Low, Medium, High, Ultra)
      • NEW: Gameplay option field of view “FOV”: Adjustability of the width for the ego perspective, cockpit perspective and outside of machines
      • NEW: Plants snap or bend realistically when colliding with machines and are being bent correctly when pulled into the cutting unit
      • NEW: When starting a mission the popup “Creating mission content” is being shown before the mission is loaded
      • NEW: Harvester and trailer coordinate to make filling as optimal as possible. The harvesters pipe homes in on the chasers position and unloads in the according direction
      • NEW: The Harvest can be unloaded in the new silo behind the farmyard
      • NEW: Slider for user actions can be deactivated in the editor settings
      • NEW: Script editor method for the rotation of widgets with nine possible pivots
      • NEW: TankLoad & TankUnload controller regulate the filling and unloading of a tank. AI reacts when tank is full and drives off

      • BUG FIX: On-board displays now show the time in a correct format
      • BUG FIX: Improved vehicle spawn for machines with smaller collision shapes (e.g. Hammer CornKing)
      • BUG FIX: Light states are now transferred immediately to the implement when it is attached
      • BUG FIX: No crash when a new map is being started while a mission is still running
      • BUG FIX: The sky doesn’t flicker at night any longer

      • CHANGE: The growth logic has been adjusted so that the stage of growth is now being calculated per plant type and not for the entire field
      • CHANGE: Steering axle and forced steering for attachments are now dependent on velocity. For some vehicles the steering is being deactivated when driving faster than 20 kph or reversing
      • CHANGE: Mission condition “fruit”: when the stage of growth is being defined, the progress is only shown on that account and not for the plant type
      • CHANGE: Steering wheels now have a normalized steering value (-1.0 to +1.0)
      • CHANGE: Headlights have been reworked and now have more realistic textures and colors
    • Keybinding is bugged again as every update.Needed to delete profile, engine.cfg, save, etc. needed to try to map 2-3 times the release mouse ans some other control, and save every 1 key or 2 keys seted, a lot of time the box to put the new key keep flashing, try to remap another, now two boxes flashing.

      Impossible to get in combine, only way way to get in is with TAB or the key you're going to map.

      The AI is Dumb as hell. He drive on the crop, drive to hit and push the combine, turn around on the crop ready to harvest instead of the space already harvested. Can say the the follower to stop and wait, turn around and get yourself ready, say him to start / follow, he drive straight to the combine, and drive in the combine to try to turn.

      The combine is shooting outside the trailler cause the AI can't follow properly / follow from too far. need and option to say the follower to turn around and to place himself on left or right side.

      The chasser bin is stoping way too early before we reatch the end of the field / ready to harvest section, causing the combine to shoot outlide the trailer or on the side, instead of inside. a lot of time the combine totaly stop to shoot, cause trailer is to far away again or wrongly placed.

      You can't call the trailer if you are not close enough of the field. the option is grayed.

      Still a lot to work on.

      the tutorial should let us drive the combine on one field or two, then the AI should drive the combine one field and us the trailler, so we can have both perspective.

      Starting very slow to harvest (tapping slowly on foward key), and getting non stop message that im driving to fast, on the field and outside the field trying to get close enough to have the trailler to follow.

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    • TheCoCe wrote:

      If anyone has trouble with the AI not following your Harvester, please delete the 'techdemo(...).wld' you can find in your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cattle and Crops\Game\Win64\Assets\Data\Mods\world\techdemo directory".
      You can also simply use the reinstall game function of the launcher to resolve this issue.
      can you not hire employees to drive the jugar 950 in sandbox mode?
    • Nice Brandon a clapped out Claas Jaguar lol. For me the only thing atm is that the AI just drives straight through the field the moment you start a new row to chop down. Only played for 10 minutes. Anyone else having this problem? I'll try to make a screenshot today and at more. So far the sound of the Jaguar.....niceeeeee :D
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    • Lee01Mr wrote:

      Nice Brandon a clapped out Claas Jaguar lol. For me the only thing atm is that the AI just drives straight through the field the moment you start a new row to chop down. Only played for 10 minutes. Anyone else having this problem? I'll try to make a screenshot today and at more. So far the sound of the Jaguar.....niceeeeee :D
      here to, or even drive againt the jaguar from the side.. Dont know what they are doiing..
      Also, when going up/down in stead of circles, they stop when you at the edge, instead they will follow the turn with you.

      also some other issues:
      -stutters while harvesting (Didn't do anything else yet)
      -corn/mais field kinda of bad yield > low density of the plants, not great looking.
      -when breaking the Jaguar, the wheels stop, but the machine slides trough
      -cant get in tutorial, only with TAB, (that not assigned at default..)
    • When trying to use harvester there is no chaff blowing out through pipe and in to trailer. Harvester head is on, lowered and maize is being pulled in to the machine, but there is no output.
      Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?
      Tried it several times now and result is the same each time.
    • Well, let me add some little rating.

      + nice models
      + nice sound of forage harvester
      + settings of FOV
      + AI transport (good you don't have to set any routes, etc.)
      I can't agree with some complaints stated above. Yes, sometimes AI behive as you don't want to, but mostly it goes behind you and sometimes even next to you. You must let AI enough space to turn. AI has a little problem in the headland, but all of it will surely be updated later. All must be tested.
      + nice animation of maize on Orbis

      Cons (don't take most of this notes as criticism, because I belive most of it will be reworked in the future)
      - impossibility to get in the machine by E key
      - no chaff is going out of the pipe when cutting without transport vehicle behind/next to you
      - sometimes bad behavior of AI (contact of vehicles, when AI wants to go to other side of harvester,...)
      - cutter bar leaves some strip of plants on the edge uncut
      - some little cosmetic issue what I noticed - maybe it's just an eye ilusion, but it seems like the front attachment drums (visible behind Orbis) rotates in opposite direction as it should. Like it shouldn't take material in, but out. No I was wrong, it was just an eye illusion. It rotates in proper direction.

      - unfortunatelly basic gearbox script used for all vehicles, for now. I hope it will be updated later, to have different type of gearbox / drive for forage harvesters / combines.
      I tried to drive with joyistick, but it will take me some time to get used to it, because there is only choice to drive by pulling joyistick forward and you must switch gears by buttons. Not just joyistick forward = forward drive, middle = brake, joyistick backward = backward drive (like IRL).
      There is the question how devs will look at this topic (Vario drive of harvesters, etc...). Probably there is a disadvantage for my wish (to be the harvester's drive control as real), because most of comunity won't have appropriate gear (modified joyisticks). I modified my joyistic by myself (during FS era) to be able to simulate harvester's control lever. Shortly: I removed the spring, tightened motion by screw and added S-shape guide plate. X-axis is cancelled. So I'm able to set speed as I need by pulling forward and vice versa when Y-axis behavior is set in joyistick manager.
      I understand, that if most of comunity will drive on keyboard or standard joyisticks there will be difficult to simulate the drive IRL. And I will have to adapt to the most.

      I hope devs will take into account this problem.

      - too fast acceleration (for both Claas Axion and Jaguar)
      - engine might brake more (for both Claas Axion and Jaguar)
      - when you brake, vehicle slides few moments before stop (Jaguar)

      In conclusion, I rate this changelog as great progress. Just go on MBB. Big thanks for all you've done.

      CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz
      GPU Type - Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R9 280X 3,072 GB GDDR5
      GPU Driver - Radeon Software Version 17.12.1
      RAM - 8 GB
      Win 7 64bit

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    • I hope the chaff flying out of the pipe will be more of a full consistency rather then blobs flying out. Also agreed with above that some rows aren't getting harvested on the edge of the field and in the middle. Still need to play more to give a full report because busy in real life :D but for now impressed by the work of MBB
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