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    We’re aware that you’re all eagerly awaiting news on what’s going to happen next. As described in the previous news updates we are heading for the v1 release. In this context, and already looking forward to the seamless development that will…
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    Keys 3 and 4 are in General to stop the AI before the end of a field row. So before you reach field boarder you Stop AI so there is enough space to Turn your Harvester and then resume AI. That AI isn't following you could have many reasons, probably…
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    Using the console command navCtrl may help. navCtrl ( pause | resume | abort ) <vehicleID> vehicleID is the ID displayed by pressing Alt key.
  • Nachtfalke -

    Replied to the thread Tombstone menu.

    You have to Open Editor/console from Main Menu as far as i know. If you Open it within the Game it mayby does not offer all Options.
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    Keep up the great work. You guys have a very special game on your hands. I believe your gonna CRUSH the competition!
  • Berrichon38 -

    Posted the thread Tombstone menu.

    Hello I have a problem with tombstone menu, i see only command console, time windows, stats windows and network windows ! I can't open the editor. Any idea ?? Thanks
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    Replied to the thread 0.1 nonsteam linux: Patch server?.

    Ich hab gerade mit openSUSE-Leap-15.1-KDE-Live-x86_64-Snapshot8.12.29-Media.iso in ner VM getestet, ging problemlos. Welche openSUSE Version nutzt du genau? Firewall sollte eigentlich keine Probleme machen, das ist nur http/https
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    Replied to the thread Frage zu Cab Control - Need Help with Cab Control.

    @TheCoCe danke
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    das ist ja nicht ganz so weit weg, zu meinen Kraftfahrerzeiten war ich oft bei Rotkäppchen ^^ ...stellenweise sogar täglich☝️ Is ne schöne Gegend
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    Trockenes Frühjahr da muss man schon mal Wasser holen :D 7c9c794eb3_album.png

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